Travel Thursday: Eclipse Tips


This Monday, August 21, the U.S. will see the first total solar eclipse in several decades. Traffic will be heavy, hotel rates are skyrocketing and a frenzy of activity is following this exciting event - make sure you're in-the-know on how to participate safely while saving money.

ABC News has important tips to save money if you're traveling to view the eclipse - not to mention, how to avoid scams.

Read these five things not to do during the eclipse over at, so you stay safe and make the most of the unique experience.

Take a frugal tip from NPR and check out this video to make your own eclipse viewer from items you already have in your home. And no, you can't use 3D movie glasses to view the eclipse, says Forbes.

CBS News will livestream the eclipse for anyone at home or the office who won't be able to view the event in person.

Happy Eclipse-ing!

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