November 2023

BeFrugal introduces a mobile browser extension for Safari on iOS devices. Users of mobile Safari will receive alerts when Cash Back is available at the store they are browsing.

October 2023

BeFrugal Rewards is launched, where members can earn points that convert into cash for doing easy, every tasks.

September 2022

BeFrugal mobile apps now offer Autofill for faster checkouts. Users can enable autofill to eliminate the hassle of filling out forms. This automatic and secure feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

October 2021

BeFrugal launches a new browser extension for Safari for Mac, providing Apple users with automatic coupons and Cash Back while they shop at 1000s of online stores.

October 2020

BeFrugal members can now have their Cash Back earnings sent to their bank account via Zelle.

April 2020

In light of the COVD-19 pandemic, BeFrugal launches new section dedicated to helping members save on daily essentials.

February 2020

BeFrugal Members can now have their Cash Back earnings paid via Venmo.

September 2018

BeFrugal debuts 'Attention Shoppers' TV commercial in its first national TV advertising campaign.

August 2018

The new BeFrugal browser extension automatically applies coupons and Cash Back for BeFrugal Members while they shop at 1000s of online stores.

March 2018

eGift cards for 10 popular stores now offered as a payment option for BeFrugal Members. Members can earn up to 6% bonus when getting paid via eGift Cards.

November 2017

BeFrugal Members can now have their Cash Back earnings sent directly to their bank account with the Direct Deposit payment option.

February 2017

BeFrugal hits $1 Billion in sales. Members have saved an average of $27 per order on over $1 billion of shopping.

May 2016

BeFrugal reaches a new milestone and grows its Cash Back program to include 5,000 stores.

April 2016

BeFrugal patents the Couponomatic™, the browser add-on that allows members to get automatic coupon codes at checkout.

March 2016

BeFrugal launches deals with Cash Back, providing members with hand-picked deals daily. BeFrugal becomes the only site offering Cash Back with hand-picked deals, ensuring BeFrugal members always get the lowest prices.

January 2016

The new BeFrugal app for Android features cash back, coupons and deals.

October 2015

BeFrugal launches a newly designed website and announces several features, including Deals, faster Cash Back payouts and text message verification.

May 2015

Members can earn an additional reward when they receive payment in the form of an Gift Card.

November 2014

BeFrugal shoppers can now earn cash back at eBay, one of the world's largest online marketplaces.

June 2014

Freebies and Sweepstakes join BeFrugal, giving shoppers access to new, exciting free offers and giveaways.

February 2014

BeFrugal celebrates 5 years of helping shoppers save money.

February 2014

The Cash Back program expands to more than 4,000 stores.

September 2013

Our iPhone and iPad app with Couponomatic is launched.

June 2013

BeFrugal launches new partnerships to offer coupons to BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mazda and Subaru owners.

November 2012

Yahoo! is now the official and exclusive search engine for BeFrugal members.

October 2012

Our Browser Add-On featuring Couponomatic is now available for members to get automatic coupon codes at checkout for 3000+ stores.

June 2012

BeFrugal introduces Guaranteed Savings so shoppers can be confident when saving money on BeFrugal.

June 2012

Store Alerts launch to keep shoppers informed of the latest offers at the stores they care about the most.

May 2012

Cash Back offerings expand again to more than 3,000 online stores. BeFrugal celebrates and raises cash back rates so shoppers can rejoice, too.

May 2012

BeFrugal introduces new referral bonuses to pass the savings along when members encourage their friends to join for free.

February 2012

A new Small Business Savings section helps small businesses save more money on their expenses.

February 2012

The Cash Back program expands to more than 2,000 online stores.

November 2011

BeFrugal is the first coupon and cashback site to offer Live Chat support.

July 4, 2011

Cash Back is introduced for additional savings at BeFrugal. This allows shoppers to earn a portion of their transaction in a free account.

July 2011

The free Fly or Drive Calculator helps travelers make one of the biggest financial decisions when planning a trip. The calculator helped plan 5 million trips and counting.

October 2010

BeFrugal adds the free Electric Car Calculator to assist with the choice of buying an electric or hybrid vehicle.

August 2010

The free How Much to Spend on a Car Calculator is a new available resource to make auto purchasing decisions.

April 2010

BeFrugal adds printable grocery, retail and restaurant coupons to help shoppers save in the store.

March 2010

The site introduces weekly ads to help shoppers identify savings locally.

February 2009

BeFrugal begins offering online coupons to help shoppers save money.