Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does BeFrugal Cash Back work?

    • To earn Cash Back, you must be logged into your BeFrugal account.

    • You can find retailers that are paying Cash Back and the amount of Cash Back they are paying on BeFrugal.

    • Click on the 'Shop Now' button or on any Cash Back eligible coupon or deal and you will be taken to the retailer's website. Complete your purchase and Cash Back will be added to your BeFrugal account within 7 days.

    • When you click on links from BeFrugal's website, it sets a special cookie in your internet browser. This cookie indicates to the store that you came from BeFrugal. This is how the store knows to report the sales and Cash Back you earned to your BeFrugal account.

  • Why does BeFrugal pay me Cash Back?

    BeFrugal partners with over 5000 retailers to bring you the latest money-saving opportunities. These companies pay BeFrugal a commission for bringing new sales to their websites. We share this commission with you in the form of Cash Back. The more people we bring to a retailer, the better Cash Back rates BeFrugal can negotiate. It's a win-win!

  • Where is my Cash Back for the order?

    Most stores will report your Cash Back earnings within 24 to 48 hours of a completed purchase. Some may take up to 7 days to report this. If after 7 days you do not see Cash Back in your account or the amount of Cash Back does not meet your expectations, please submit a Cash Back inquiry. All Cash Back inquiries must be submitted within 60 days of the completed transaction.

    Note that for most travel transactions, Cash Back may not be credited to your account until up to 60 days after the reservation has been completed.

    Submit a Missing Cash Back Inquiry >

  • When do I get paid?

    Payments of Cash Back to members will be sent within 10 business days of payment request.

  • How do I edit my email/password?

    On the Profile page, you can update your password and email address, as well as any other information about yourself.

    If you have not previously done so, you will need to confirm your email address to access your BeFrugal account.

    Changing Password
    If you cannot login to your account, on the Login pop-up, click on Forgot Password? You will then receive an email with a link that will allow you to create a new password.

    If you have already logged in, find 'My Account' at the top of the BeFrugal site and, on the Profile page, click on 'Change Password.'

    Changing Email
    To change your current BeFrugal email, log into your member account. On the Profile page, click on 'Change Email.'

  • How do I request my Cash Back?

    Visit the Payments page of your account to select your preferred payment method and request a payment.

    You need to accumulate the minimum amount, specified on the Payments page, to be able to request your Cash Back payment.

    You will receive your payment via check, Direct Deposit to U.S. Bank Account, PayPal or gift card.

  • What payout options are available?

    Check - Available in US only. Minimal withdrawal $25.

    Direct Deposit to Bank Account - Available in US only. Minimal withdrawal $25.

    PayPal - Minimal withdrawal $0.01 (Some older BeFrugal accounts may need to accept the latest BeFrugal Terms & Conditions to enable $0.01 minimal withdrawal. On the Payments page, directly below the Payment Method section, click on the 'Read & Accept Terms' link to accept the new terms. Only accounts that need to accept the latest terms will display this link). Gift Card - Minimal withdrawal $25. A bonus of 1% is automatically added to all Gift Card payment requests.

  • When do I receive my Cash Back

    Earned Cash Back will remain as verified in your member account for between 30 to 90 days based on the return policy of the retailer as well as the store's payment cycle with BeFrugal. We provide you with an estimated payment date to let you know approximately when most sales will become payable.

    BeFrugal doesn't receive payment until this period has passed. Once we get paid, we can pay you!

Befrugal's Pledge to our members:

At BeFrugal we are committed to helping you save.

We promise the best selection of working coupons, the best Cash Back rates and uparalleled service to our members. Membership is free; and we hope that you do all your shopping through BeFrugal.

- Jon Lal, founder of BeFrugal