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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does BeFrugal Cash Back work?

    • To earn Cash Back, you must be logged into your BeFrugal account.

    • You can find retailers that are paying Cash Back and the amount of Cash Back they are paying on BeFrugal.

    • Click on the 'Shop Now' button or on any Cash Back eligible coupon or deal and you will be taken to the retailer's website. Complete your purchase and Cash Back will be added to your BeFrugal account within 7 days.

    • When you click on links from BeFrugal's website, it sets a special cookie in your internet browser. This cookie indicates to the store that you came from BeFrugal. This is how the store knows to report the sales and Cash Back you earned to your BeFrugal account.

  • How do I get my $10 Welcome Bonus?

    Get your $10 Welcome Bonus when you shop and earn $10 in Cash Back. See full terms.

  • Why does BeFrugal pay me Cash Back?

    BeFrugal partners with over 5000 retailers to bring you the latest money-saving opportunities. These companies pay BeFrugal a commission for bringing new sales to their websites. We share this commission with you in the form of Cash Back. The more people we bring to a retailer, the better Cash Back rates BeFrugal can negotiate. It's a win-win!

  • What is a Shopping Trip?

    Anywhere on the BeFrugal website or in a BeFrugal email, phone app or browser add-on, all of your clicks on any Coupon, Deal or Shop Now button are recorded in the Shopping Trips table.

    A cash-back-eligible click will always have a Click ID. If you ever need to inquire about missing Cash Back, this number comes in handy when contacting BeFrugal support.

    If the cash-back-eligible click results in a purchase, the store will notify BeFrugal about your order within 7 days or less and a green money bag icon will appear next to your Shopping Trip, indicating that you have received Cash Back for your purchase.

  • Missing Cash Back?

    Most stores will report your Cash Back earnings within 24 to 48 hours of a completed purchase. Some may take up to 7 days to report this. If after 7 days you do not see Cash Back in your account or the amount of Cash Back does not meet your expectations, please submit a Cash Back inquiry. All Cash Back inquiries must be submitted within 60 days of the completed transaction.

    Note that for most travel transactions, Cash Back may not be credited to your account until up to 60 days after the reservation has been completed.

    Submit a Missing Cash Back Inquiry >

  • How can I ensure that my Cash Back gets tracked?

    The easiest way to ensure a successful BeFrugal Cash Back tracking is to install our Chrome browser add-on, BeFrugal extension, and run its built-in tool that disables conflicting addons. These conflicting extensions take over BeFrugal Cash Back cookies – the main cause for missing Cash Back.

    1. Download our Chrome BeFrugal extension
    2. Disable the conflicting extensions in the Settings of the BeFrugal extension. Click on the BeFrugal extension (a pig icon at the top-right of the Chrome browser), select Settings within the BeFrugal add-on dialog, and then click on the "Disable Conflicting Add-ons". See short video

    Repeat this periodically, especially if you keep adding more add-ons, to make sure new add-ons are not taking over your BeFrugal Cash Back cookies.

    Other ways to improve your BeFrugal Cash Back tracking results:

    • When shopping via browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc., be sure to disable all AdBlocking and Shopping add-ons, including Coupons, Cash Back, Price-comparison and donations extensions.

    • If shopping on your iPhone/iPad in the Safari browser, make sure Safari does not auto-launch retailers' apps installed on your device. With the jump from Safari into an app, your Cash Back tracking cookie will be lost and no Cash Back will be earned. To avoid the issue, simply delete the app.

    • Verify that your browser is set to accept third-party cookies.

    • Begin your shopping session at BeFrugal with an empty shopping cart.

    • Once you click through a Cash Back eligible link from BeFrugal, complete your purchase on the retailer's website in a timely manner without browsing other pages.

    • When applying coupons, remember to use only those offered by BeFrugal. Using coupons from any other source might disqualify your purchase for Cash Back eligibility.

    • Do not use gift cards or store credit cards to pay for your order.

    • Contacting merchant to modify your order via email, merchant's website, online form or phone will void Cash Back. If you need to change your order, it is best to cancel the entire order and then re-purchase through BeFrugal.

  • When do I get paid?

    Most Cash Back payments are sent on the next business day following payment request.

  • How do I edit my email/password?

    On the Profile page, you can update your password and email address, as well as any other information about yourself.

    If you have not previously done so, you will need to confirm your email address to access your BeFrugal account.

    Changing Password
    If you cannot login to your account, on the Login pop-up, click on Forgot Password? You will then receive an email with a link that will allow you to create a new password.

    If you have already logged in, find 'My Account' at the top of the BeFrugal site and, on the Profile page, click on 'Change Password.'

    Changing Email
    To change your current BeFrugal email, log into your member account. On the Profile page, click on 'Change Email.'

  • How do I request my Cash Back?

    Visit the Payouts page of your account to select your preferred payout method and request a payment.

    You need to accumulate the minimum amount, specified on the Payments page, to be able to request your Cash Back payment.

    You will receive your payment via check, Direct Deposit to U.S. Bank Account, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or eGift Card.

  • What payout options are available?

    Check – Available in US only. Minimum withdrawal $25.

    Direct Deposit to Bank Account – Available in US only. Minimum withdrawal $0.01.

    PayPal – Minimum withdrawal $0.01 (Some older BeFrugal accounts may need to accept the latest BeFrugal Terms & Conditions to enable $0.01 minimum withdrawal. On the Payments page, directly below the Payment Method section, click on the 'Read & Accept Terms' link to accept the new terms. Only accounts that need to accept the latest terms will display this link).

    Venmo – Minimum withdrawal $0.01. US mobile phone number is required for Venmo. BeFrugal will send your Cash Back payment to your Venmo account.

    Zelle – Minimum withdrawal $0.01. US mobile phone number is required for Zelle. BeFrugal will send your Cash Back payment to your Zelle account with this number.

    eGift Cards – All eGift Cards can be used online and in-store and will be delivered electronically . They never expire and have no fees, with the exclusion of Visa® Prepaid Card.

    Visa® Prepaid Card must be activated within 4 months of the issue date. To activate the card, simply redeem it from your BeFrugal account. The card must be used within 7 months since its activation. A physical card is available for an additional $3 fee.

    Your eGift Card will be available in your BeFrugal account on average within 1 business day of your payment request. We'll notify you via email when it is ready to be redeemed.

    To access a eGift Card, login to your BeFrugal account and click on View My eGift Cards at the top of the Payments page.

    To use your eGift Card in-store, simply open it on your phone or print it out and show it at the register. When shopping online, copy and paste the code at check out.

  • When do I receive my Cash Back?

    Earned Cash Back will remain as verified in your member account for between 30 to 90 days based on the return policy of the retailer as well as the store's payment cycle with BeFrugal. We provide you with an estimated payment date to let you know approximately when most sales will become payable.

    BeFrugal doesn't receive payment until this period has passed. Once we get paid, we can pay you!

Our BeFrugal Shopping extension makes it simple to apply Coupons and earn Cash Back while shopping online.

To guarantee your Cash Back earnings, please run our automatic tool from the Settings of the BeFrugal extension that disables conflicting browser extensions.

Important! Please use our BeFrugal app to guarantee your BeFrugal Cash Back tracking.

If you choose to shop via a mobile browser (such as Safari on iPhone or Chrome on Android), please make sure that the browser doesn't auto-launch a store's app installed on your device. With the launch of the store's app your Cash Back cookie will be lost, thus no Cash Back will be earned. To avoid this issue, simply delete the store's app.

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