Cash Back FAQ

  • How do I earn cash back through BeFrugal?

    You have to login to BeFrugal and make a purchase with a merchant that offers cash back. Merchants that are paying cash back and the amount of cash back are identified on BeFrugal. Learn More

  • Where is my cash back for the order?

    Most stores will report your cash back earnings within 24 to 48 hours of a completed purchase. Some may take up to 7 days to report this. If after 7 days you do not see cash back in your account or the amount of cash back does not meet your expectations, please submit a cash back inquiry. All cash back inquiries must be submitted within 60 days of the completed transaction.

    Note that for most travel transactions, cash back may not be credited to your account until up to 60 days after the reservation has been completed.

  • What if my cash back has not appeared in my account after seven days?

    If after 7 days you do not see cash back in your account or the amount of cash back does not meet your expectations, please submit a cash back inquiry. All cash back inquiries must be submitted within 60 days of the completed transaction.

  • What can I do to make sure my cash back rebate is reported?

    While most cash back credits are reported automatically to your account by stores within 7 days, occasionally you may find a store that did not track your order. There are several ways to improve your tracking results.

    1. Use an internet browser that does not have add-ons or toolbars provided by other shopping-related sites, coupon sites, or cash back providers.
    2. Be sure to disable any ad-blocking software running on your browser.
    3. Verify that your browser is set to accept third-party cookies.
    4. Begin your shopping session at BeFrugal with an empty shopping cart.
    5. Once you click through a cash back eligible link from BeFrugal, complete your purchase on the retailer's website in a timely manner without browsing other pages.
    6. When applying coupons, remember to use only those offered by BeFrugal. Using coupons from any other source might disqualify your purchase for cash back eligibility.
    7. Do not use gift cards or store credit cards to pay for your order.
    8. Contacting merchant to modify your order via email, merchant's website, online form or phone will void cash back. If you need to change your order, it is best to cancel the entire order and then re-purchase through BeFrugal.

    Use the BeFrugal Shopping Add-On to make it simpler to earn cash back and to ensure that you will not miss cash back and latest coupons while shopping online.

  • Can I use coupon codes and earn cash back?

    To ensure cash back, only use coupons posted on BeFrugal. If you choose to apply a coupon that is not posted on, we are unable to guarantee that you will receive cash back on your purchase.

  • Can I earn cash back on gift card purchase or redemption?

    Most stores do not offer cash back either on purchases of gift cards or on purchases paid with gift cards, even if a gift card is used only as a partial payment.

    Unless it is explicitly stated on BeFrugal in an individual store's cash back terms and conditions that the store pays cash back on purchases of gift cards or on orders paid with gift cards, you should assume that cash back is not available.

  • What if I need to modify, exchange, or return all or part of an order?

    If you change your order directly through the merchant, cash back will not be issued. In order to receive cash back on a changed order, cancel your original order and make a new one through your BeFrugal member account.

    If you return an order or part of an order, cash back will not be issued on the returned part and your cash back account will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Can Adblock and other toolbars/add-ons prevent me from earning Cash Back?

    Yes, add-ons such as Adblock may interfere with your Cash Back tracking. To ensure Cash Back earnings, temporarily disable AdBlock and similar add-ons prior to your shopping via

    Additionally, third party coupon or cash back toolbars can redirect your Cash Back credit to another shopping portal or affiliate. Make sure to disable or uninstall them before using

  • What is the difference between Pending and Confirmed cash back?

    Pending cash back appears in your account when BeFrugal receives your order information from a store. Allow up to 7 days for a store to report your order to us. Pending cash back is not yet eligible for payment. Pending cash back becomes Confirmed and eligible for payment once BeFrugal receives commission for your order, typically within 30 to 90 days of purchase, depending on the store.

  • How do I request my cash back?

    Visit Request Payment page of your account to request a payment.

    You need to accumulate the minimum amount, specified on the Request Payment page, to be able to request your cash back payment.

    You will receive your payment via check, PayPal or Gift Card. You can change your payment method on the My Settings page of your BeFrugal account.

  • When do I get paid?

    Payments of Cash Back to members will be sent within 10 business days of payment request.

  • Why does it take so long to get paid?

    Most stores allow 60 days for returns, exchanges and transaction reversals. BeFrugal doesn't receive payment until this period has passed. Once we get paid, we can pay you!

  • Why was my cash back inquiry declined?

    When cash back fails to report to your account or gets reported with unexpected results, contact BeFrugal support and we will submit a cash back inquiry to the retailer on your behalf. During this process, we supply your order information to the retailer via their affiliate network. Most stores respond to cash back inquiries within 30 to 90 days, either approving or declining an inquiry.

    If your inquiry has been submitted to the retailer and declined, this means that the retailer has reviewed the information submitted and determined that BeFrugal is not eligible for a commission on the purchase. Some stores may provide a brief explanation for why this was not eligible, while others may provide no information at all. Common causes for an inquiry to be declined include other shopping sites or search engines receiving credit, using a coupon code not eligible for cash back, or having software from another shopping website installed.

    Once an inquiry has been declined, we are unable to provide cash back for this purchase.

  • What is the BeFrugal Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee?

    BeFrugal provides the Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee. If you make a cash back eligible purchase through BeFrugal, and find a higher cash back rate elsewhere, we will match it 125%. Please contact us within 24 hours of your purchase with your receipt, the store name, the higher cash back rate offered, and a link to other site's cash back rate. Read all the details here.

  • Is BeFrugal available outside of the United States of America?

    BeFrugal does accommodate citizens outside the US. All of our coupons as well as our cash back program work properly for residents of most countries. However, printable coupons often have location restrictions, and these will typically be stated in the fine print.

    Payments to BeFrugal members outside the US are possible through Gift Card or PayPal. There is 0.5% fee charged by PayPal to process international payments. In instances when this international fee is charged to pay a BeFrugal member, it will be deducted from that member's cash back balance.

  • Why is my travel cash back reported as $0.00?

    For most travel-related cash back, credit is issued over the course of two transactions. An initial reservation credit of $0.00 is issued shortly after your booking online to indicate that the sale was traced from the travel site to BeFrugal. A second credit containing cash back on eligible portions of your booking should be expected within 60 days of completing your paid travel.

  • Why did a store reverse my cash back rebate?

    Making any modifications to your purchase after the initial completion would be grounds for a cash back retraction.

    For example, return, exchange, quantity change, adding/removing items, or calling the store to assist with the order.

    Merchants may also reverse cash back if they find that your order did not qualify for cash back credit, either per their terms, which are available for you to view on BeFrugal, on the store's cash back page, or due to a non-eligible coupon code or payment method being applied.

    • A non-eligible coupon code could be any coupon not found directly on BeFrugal, including coupons from other cash back websites, member exclusive emails, catalogs, and even the retailer's official website.

    • A non-eligible payment method includes gift cards, store credit, and rewards points.

    If one of your cash back credits was retracted and you do not believe any of the above reasons explains it, please submit a cash back inquiry so that we can better assist you.

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