Travel Thursday: Eclipse Tips


This Monday, August 21, the U.S. will see the first total solar eclipse in several decades. Traffic will be heavy, hotel rates are skyrocketing and a frenzy of activity is following this exciting event - make sure you're in-the-know on how to participate safely while saving money. ABC News has important tips to save money ... Read moreTravel Thursday: Eclipse Tips

ABC's of SPF


Recently I went to do my annual sunscreen purchase and was more confused than I usually am when buying sunscreen. Being pasty 25-year-old one would think I would know my ABC's of SPF by at this stage of the game. I typically would grab the highest SPF (I'm at the Casper level of paleness) that's on sale and be out. Alas, not this year since the recent news about carcinogenic ingredients in sunscreen and dad's second time around with skin cancer. Let's talk sunscreen so you don't have to buy 8 bottles to find the "one" this summer.