National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day

It’s National Margarita Day! If you enjoy making your own drinks, we put together a list of some unique margarita recipes for you to try (if you’d rather leave the drink-making to the bartenders, skip to the end of the post for a list of deals).

  1. Margarita Gummies:

If you love both margaritas and candy, you should try this recipe for Margarita Gummies. This recipe uses the taste of the classic margarita and can be made as either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

  1. Lavender Margarita:

Lavender has a unique and calming taste and tastes even better in a margarita. This recipe for Lavender Margaritas uses lime juice and dried lavender for a sweet and sour flavor.

  1. Cajun Margarita:

Anyone who enjoys spicy foods and drinks will love this recipe for Cajun Margaritas. This margarita uses orange liqueur, hot sauce, and chili peppers for a smoky and citrusy taste.

  1. Pineapple Blueberry Margarita:

For something extra sweet, try this recipe for Pineapple Blueberry Margaritas. All you have to do is add frozen blueberries and pineapples to the classic margarita recipe along with your choice of salt or sugar for the rim.

  1. Spicy Strawberry Margarita:

Put a twist on the regular strawberry margarita by using this Spicy Strawberry Margarita recipe. This drink is made with strawberry juice and chile piquin simple syrup for a sweet and spicy taste.

  1. Chocolate Margarita:

Chocolate is one of everyone’s favorite treats, so why not try a Chocolate Margarita? This recipe shows you how to make your own chocolate syrup and uses chocolate liqueur and Mexican cinnamon.

  1. Cucumber Cilantro Margarita:

If you enjoy the cool taste of cucumber, then you’ll love this Cucumber Cilantro Margarita. Using a handful of fresh cilantro along with a few slices of cucumber, this makes for a tasty treat.

  1. Jasmine Tea Margarita:

Tea lovers will be excited to know that there is a recipe out there for Jasmine Tea Margaritas. This beverage is created with chilled jasmine tea, light agave syrup, and garnished with jasmine flowers.

  1. Peligroso Cinnamon Margarita:

Another cool recipe you can try is this one for Peligroso Cinnamon Margarita. All you need is Peligroso Cinnamon tequila, agave nectar, and orange juice for this unique drink.

  1. Frozen Avocado Margarita:

If you ever tried an avocado smoothie and loved it, then you’ll love the taste of a Frozen Avocado Margarita. This recipe also uses cilantro as well as fresh avocados and salt to taste.

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