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TGI Fridays

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  • Free Dessert On Your Birthday
  • Sign up for the email list & get a coupon for a free dessert w/ entree order on your birthday. Coupon provided by TGI Fridays.
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Comments (9)


2burgh15 Says...

I can not print this coupon

patricia6426 Says...

poor website, no prices for menu, hard to find on internet

d1booger Says...

Went to Fridays to eat lunch with a friend had a notice for by one get one. Did not cut out the proper coupon. The manager(strongsville) worked very hard to help me get to the coupon. without success. Told me to come back at another time and she would honor my coupon. Great food. great customer service. Something we have to little of today. Thanks TGIF

Lillie Cook Says...

On 10/23/14 at approximately 6:23pm I ordered take out from TGIFridays in Copperas Cove, TX 76522. The worse meal I've ever had. Almost home and decided to swipe a FF. The were cold. Called and complained and the girl say "What do you want me to do?" I was upset cause my 97 yr old mother wanted some good ribs. Got home the ribs were cold and they forgot the coleslaw . I explained to the girl that just because we order take out doesn't mean it already has to be cold.

Meridian441 Says...

If you are there for the bar drinks and appetizer's - Great. But the main meals are not worth the money. The Steaks are tough, the seafood is of poor quality, under cooked and little taste -- not to mention the price. 2 people can expect to pay > $90 for 2 meals and 1 bar drink each. Since when did TGI Friday's become a higher end restaurant.

happyex42 Says...

the best place to eat

Blincico Says...

We love Fridays but I do not know how to get into my TGI Friday account to get my strip coupons.

jm5kl Says...

What ever happened to GIVE ME MORE STRIPES??????

jwashin3 Says...

TGI Fridays is our favorite family restaurant. I especially love the Jack Daniels baby back ribs and the wedge salad. Kids menu is great. Also, nice dessert options. Despite being a family restaurant, they do serve quality wines and high end cocktails for grown folks.