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Money Saving Monday: April 16, 2018


Saving on Gardening

April is in full bloom and what better way to satisfy your green thumb than to think about ways to save on gardening?  Check out our tips below:

Save your Seeds!

Even before spring approaches you can save avocado pits, rose stems, and lots of other typically-discarded compost items and nurture them to grow indoors.  By the time its planting season, you will have a collection of blossoms to plant.

Buy in Bulk

Whether you are a Gardening Pro or Part-time Planter, buying in bulk can help you save!  Part-time Planters may only need to buy some items in larger quantities, such as mineral rich soil or small clay pots like these  at Walmart.  (Don’t forget to use your cash back bonus through BeFrugal)

Be Creative                                    

What’s more true to nature than being resourceful and using what you have?  Be creative in the types of pots and planters you use.  Save items like coffee cans, funky salad dressing jars, and other garden-functional house hold items that can be easily converted into pots to serve a second purpose outside. Recycling these items gives you major green thumb bonus points!

Division isn’t just for math…

This awesome tip comes from the gardening powerhouse Better Homes & Gardens:

“Many perennials can be divided up into segments when you buy them. Each segment will root. Don't be afraid to divide the mature perennials already in your garden. Honest, it won't hurt them.”

Happy Planting everyone!!!

For more helpful gardening suggestions, check out this wonderful list at Better Homes & Gardens.

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