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Customer Reviews for Walmart (56)

Review Walmart

goldie601956 Says...

786so apt 1great ideal keep it up

mzwinslow211 Says...

I love this place

elainecrothers55 Says...

Love Walmart prices

earlenewolford9 Says...


cathycallaway Says...

I love to buy Walmart. To return Walmart items is very easy also.

carmie629 Says...

I love walmart

drewettmargot Says...

do you have Patriots t shirts xxxl

bobbiewilson508 Says...


lindellhalpin Says...

2229 Madison 275

mounceelgin Says...

Lot of great deals

nemethrick Says...

Great savings, now I can vacation in florida

Michelle snobar Says...


nicely.angel Says...


johnnie1949 Says...


ms.trigger1 Says...


Guest Says...

How do i apply for wamart Mastercard (yellow Card)

rhondanelson93 Says...


russelljames630 Says...

17535us hwy271 WINONA TX.75792

nanaj2 Says...

didn't see anything I use good web sight

Carla Says...

Wow! I read all 36 of these reviews. Some are amazing! A couple I reread as they did not make any sense at all, no matter how many times I read them. To the biggest complainers with such petty complaints, I am so sorry that you have such a sad life that this is so important to you. It is just a STORE! Not life or death. I have lived in many states and find Walmart is like any store or person. Everyone and anything has their "off" days. Is my local Walmart perfect? Of course not. But, when you can buy some items for a fraction of the cost, I can handle a little chaos from time to time. As to Pickles, Walmart is certainly better off without you as an employee. No matter what your problems were with them, if you could not resolve them, you show you are not anyone I myself would want to hire as you did not give notice, in fact, seemed to brag, that you just called up and quit. I shop at Kroger for meat, weekly specials, but as loyal as I would like to be to them, I am not going to pay higher prices for the things I can buy at Walmart. Kroger is great as to quick check out, but, I have had to make a special trip back many times when their "specials" did not ring up correctly. But, again, they too, are just a store. I haven't let it ruin my life or even spoil my day. You people need to lighten up, you will live longer. And the poster that is so incensed about having to show a receipt upon leaving...hum... One of the door "police" told me, when I was once stopped, and had to dig in my purse to find receipt, that I could not imagine the people that throw a bag of ice or a case of water, soda, beer, etc... in their carts after paying and just try to sail out the door with it. I now, hold my receipt in hand in case I need to show. When all of you that are nitpickers find that perfect Utopia you seem to be looking for, please get back on here and let us all know WHERE it is.

sharonjonf Says...


heiditempleton1959 Says...

Great Savings with 13 Grandchildren on a budget and food prices are def. the lowest.

burrowsj Says...

Walmart has been issuing cash back sporadically for the past few months (since May 2015). For some orders you'll get it, for some you won' spite of definitely clicking through Befrugal correctly every time. Befrugal has been great about investigating it when I submit a ticket, but Walmart will usually deny the request.

Ken Gulledge Says...

We have a very nice Walmart. Its clean and from the outside it looks like an horse training center with banners on several peaks. our county refused to let them put up a big box and I must say its the nicest on Ive ever seen. my problem is one day We have the nicestest Walmart Ive ever seen The county refused to let them put up a big blue box.its very clean. and before lazy pe4ople moved in the area the carts were always in the stalls never beside a pole or in the grass.dispite being nice I took my daughter to Walmart about 6pm one day and because parked by the Auto tire entrancdo have a placaede because I was looking at auto parts .I am disabled but don't appear to be. when I started to leave I found the door locked. I asked them to unlock the door because it was now a long walk.iasked why they were locked and he said they allways lock them at this time,iasked for the manager and told him its against fire code to lock these doors as they are the only exit om this side of the building. the manager had an attitude and talked down to me.I said ill call the fire marshal because its illegal to lock exits during occupancy. he push out his chest and became beligerant I told him ill cali right now and he reluctantly unlocked the door.I also carry a weapon for self defense because Im disabled.So be careful who you threaten to beat up,it may be a diabled Vet trying to buy something. mb i

J.Walker Says...

I agree with most of the reviews about the coupons. I use to think it was a cashier issue.But after using the self checkouts and needing approval for every coupon. The problem is walmart not the cashiers. They must think everyone is out to get them. BTW TARGET IS AWESOME!

Guest Says...

I know both sides of all these comments. I'VE WORKED at this store for many yrs. I get a lot of thank you from customers for such a nice job I do packing there grocery's .I try to mybest when it omes to my customers that come I my line. .If there's a deal going on or if I'm having a problem with coupon n I can't fix it m self. will call for help. I've also been on the other side too. I know how some of the employee's can get really rude to u cause ur interrupting there work duty's. and yes most of the we do get over looked at some of the good that some of us try to do. I'm sorry for all of u who r treated badly. I wish I could change it for u. but I'm only person who try's n do her best for all the people I wait on. there is still a few of us die hard's left that try n do good for r customers. again 'm sorry for all who have been mistreated at my store. thanks for listening.

Robert Says...

Bought a dozen eggs priced at $1.98. At cash register paid $2.47. The sign above a tray said peaches. Got home, looked at sales slip and had 2 nectarines 1.82 lbs. $3.60. If you need help with something, try to find it.

dawnajanek Says...

We have a new Walmart Neighborhood store by us. I shopped there once and instantly changed stores. Prices are lower than any other around me, employees are super friendly and helpful, the store is very well stocked, the only problem I have found with Walmart is the poor quality produce. I bough a pineapple and cut it the same day as I bought it and 3 maggots landed on my counter. Love their 88 cent medicines. I use the self checkout and have never had a problem. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this store!!

coachttd Says...

Management isn't very good as they usually don't have enough checkers, especially during peak times. By now they should know the peak times & have many registers open to keep things rolling. Things are so out of place. I'd suggest having a veteran go around the store each hour to get things that people were too lazy to put back in the proper place. I'd also check the restrooms each hour as they usually are dirty due to people who haven't been taught how to use a toilet. (maybe have training?) Good prices and a wide selection, but need more cashiers usually.

markica55 Says...


ktodd3 Says...

Tucson Walmart - cashier did not know what a leek was & had to ask me what it was! Proceeded to charge me twice for it! Another time I was "rushed" through the line & she started checking out another person when I hadn't even gotten my stuff off the carousel! I pointed this out to her. She apologized & then had to cancel what she had checked out because she had forgotten my ice! Customer service is very rude as well when you return things. I have been overcharged for merchandise 3x in the last couple of weeks. Just ridiculous!

rosemarie1031 Says...

Nothing I need at present is listed. Taking bid on roofing is my focus.

rosemarie1031 Says...

Nothing I need at present is listed. Taking bid on roofing is my focus.

rghough Says...

Our Walmart tends to be less than prompt about filling grocery shelves. Many times you will see 1-2 items, pulled to the front, so that it appears the shelf if full. The manager is a laugh (try to find him/her - they change so frequently - to make a complaint - good luck! You very seldom see enough checkers and lines get long, especially in the 20 or less where people go with full carts (many times because they are the ONLY checkouts that are open. I only shop there because it is close. Whenever I get the opportunity to head to the city, then I go to Target, Kroegers, etc. because I find deals equally as good if not better, faster checkouts and much nicer people to deal with.

Ariana from Says...

Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry you've been encountering problems with Walmart Cash back. Cash back is based on commission; stores like Walmart credit Befrugal for directing new sales their website. Befrugal then shares this credit with our member in the form of cash back. So long as proper cash back procedure is followed, earned cash back will appear automatically in your account. If cash back is not automatically credited, we submit an investigation inquiry with the retailer to find out why. If they find BeFrugal was the referring source, they will credit the missing cash back. Walmart denied our inquiries, specifically stating they were "referred to another affiliate" (not Befrugal). There are many ways this could have happened. Clicking outside the redirect window, not having cookies enabled, having another website's toolbar/extension active, are all ways you can inadvertently void cash back credit. Since Walmart denied Befrugal commission on these sales, BeFrugal cannot issue cash back credit. This is explained in our terms and conditions, which all members agree to upon signing up for BeFrugal. One of the main issues customers encounter is ad-blocking software that will stop cookies from being stored normally. If you are running any ad-blocking software on your computer, this may interfere. Additionally, previously clicking through a different cash back or affiliate shopping website can set a cookie on your browser and cause that site, and not BeFrugal, to receive credit for your sale. Another potential obstacle is having a toolbar or browser extension installed for a different cash back or affiliate shopping site. The presence of this type of software can cause the software's creating site to receive credit, and not BeFrugal. These are just some of the more common issues that impact tracking. On future purchases, please be sure your internet settings allow third-party cookies. Also, be sure to deactivate ad-blocking software, as well as competitor shopping toolbars and extensions.

hav2run2 Says...

Walmart was great in the beginning, but my last 3 purchases they denied I used BeFrugal-such a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

surveys Says...

Some good buys especially in produce and canned goods. I take offense though at leaving the store being asked for my receipt. I went through the line and paid for my purchases. When asked I refuse and if cornered I tell them that there is no posted store policy indicating I need to certify I bought the items in my bags to them so no I will not and when one insistent manager pushed I pulled out my cellphone and went to call 911, when asked what I was doing I said calling the police for I was being unlawfully detained for purchasing from them. That particular store has never seen my business or that of my friends again.

jennmn2 Says...

I am 1 of those crazy coupon ladies that everyone hates being stuck behind, but I always get great savings. But, yet, when I go to Walmart they all give me different answers about being able to use multiple coupons. Some will let me, others will not. I have even showed the policy that states that there is no limit other than the max of 40 coupons per transaction, and I still get told no. I'll gladly take my business elsewhere!!!!

dee t Says...

Love Wal-Mart.....I shop three different stores and I have noticed that some are priced more than others. I also live in a tourist area and have noticed that the ones closest to the beaches cost more. I do not like that. I like to save no matter the location. their prices seem to be going up and not as competitive as before. I know my prices on everything, so I am getting frustrated thinking I might not be sving as much after all. then when I check out there are no lines open, yet they havee 30 lanes and 3 or 4 are open with LONNG lines.....I am finding myself at my local Kroger more often! Not as Happy as before...and they are opening three ore express stores in m immediate area. They better get back to cheap prices or lose my business.

jrbtowers Says...

Some WalMarts are better than others, it depends on the customers and the staff. Some of the cashiers are very pleasant, use my cloth and thermal bags, some don't seem to understand what "thermal" means. I buy there for the prices, which are much lower than other stores. I have noticed a much better selection of fresh produce. I also purchase some clothing there. I have one constant complaint: NOISE from staff, lack of understanding by cashiers, all of which could be remedied by better screening of employees, better training of those employees. Shelves are not stacked, leaving fewer choices. If they delivered meds, I would use their pharmacy. Also, since I us cabs, it is hard to find somewhere to sit while waiting. There should be benches inside as well as throughout the store and outdoors, in a warm area to wait. I generally shop the whole store, and buy more than if I had to go to just a grocery store.

Ariana from Says...

Thanks for your comment, Sue. You should try giving this feedback to Walmart directly. BeFrugal posts offers and coupons, but we have no further affiliation with the store. You can contact them by selecting "Contact Us" on their official website.

robinremax62 Says...

yep Walmart cashiers seem to feel a sense of power when they say something that causes embarrassement. I had one call if fraud because I was using 5 coupons. Did the have some kind of meeting that instructed all cashiers to be rude, arrogant and down right ridiculous about how they handle these things. To Patricia, you should have stood your ground if you bought 5 and there were a coupon attached to each one, then they were yours and they should have taken them. They are ridiculous. They get the money for them as well so it makes no sense. They will take back FOOD which is OUTRAGEOUS but they won't take more than 4 coupons. They are Walmart, not Macy's, need to get their noses out of the air.

bonnie Says...

I have shopped Walmart in Texas, Missouri and now in Michigan. I have always founds the employees to be very helpful and friendly. The only complaint I have is that I just gave up using the electric carts as they were always so slow or would run out of "juice" when I was at the far end of the store. I have disabilities and would have preferred to ride, but now I just lean on a cart. Had too many bad experiences with the carts! But the people are super nice.

Sue Says...

I live in Frankfort,KY. and every time I go into Walmart I have trouble getting a motorized cart, I have mobility issues and I can not walk very much, so it is very frustrating. I also seem to have issues using coupons. I do not think their cashiers are educated enough on coupon usage. So.....I do not go to Walmart very often; actually not at all if I can help it...

ann714san Says...

I never have had an issue at the Wal Mart where I live, Port Charlotte, FL. The prices are pretty good, they accept coupons without any issues and they price match from competing supermarkets; I must admit not all the employees enjoy working (younger employees). I enjoy shopping at Wal Mart.

wkares Says...

My local Walmart is a joke. Shelves are empty. Promises are empty. If a coupon won't scan they won't take it. No help at the register. No extra workers to help in any aisle. You have to chase someone down. Prices are often incorrect on shelves. Produce is the worst. Items are unreachable. You have to climb to get anything.... I am disabled.... NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT IS LIKE UNTIL YOU ARE THERE!

carolkar433 Says...

I never had a problem with coupons or prices in Walmart. If theres a problem, ask for a manager; it is quickly resolved.

pickles Says...

I worked at Wal-Mart and I quit this morning. I called them right up and said I quit; I worked at a Wal-Mart the that was pretty nice, then I had to transfer to another state. I did not like this state and store. The managers are rude, they don't listen to you the store manager is nice to your face and forgets about what she promised to do to help you.

stormyronni68 Says...

I have never had a problem at the Walmart that I go to.I have trouble walking so I usually go around 10pm or after.I have to use one of their electric carts to shop and by going this late I get one that is charged up.I feel that it is nice that they provide the public with the service of the electric carts.Being a disabled person I like the fact that I can get all of my shopping done at one store.I know most of the people that work at this time and I an always treated very well weather I am returning something or just shopping.If I happen to go shopping by myself I am always offered help to get to my car safely.I have never had a problem with my local Walmart in Lewistown,Pennsylvania. I would also like to say that the employees go out of their way to make sure you have a nice shopping experience on this shift.I enjoy shopping here and I am so glad that they are opened 24 hrs.Keep up the good work everybody and I'll be seeing you soon.

kimberlie paige Says...

I am not fond of Wal-Mart. they are not as friendly as they say the are on TV. I don't like the way they treat their employees. The longer they are there, the worse they are treated. This store is anything but friendly.

piscesshine Says...

I don't have a problem with WalMart and I shop every week and I use my coupons plus they let you price match.

Nata Says...

I go to Walmart to save. Even if I do not have a coupon, I always find good deals there.

Shelby Says...

Walmart treats everyone like they are going to steal something.. I hate going to the store.. I will go elsewhere and spend more money then to walk into Walmart.. I wish another company would come in and show Walmart that another company can grow and treat customers right.

Jenny Says...

I went to Walmart after receiving a free diapers coupon from huggies and they did NOT want to believe that I won that coupon online on their games. They pretty much looked at me like I was a crook that counterfit the coupon. Very embarassing.

mm Says...

Go to Target, they are SO much better about any and all coupons. Never a hassle there. Happy Target customer, unhappy Walmart customer.

Patricia Says...

After walking around Walmart, because it was storming outside ... I found some coupons hanging on some cleaning supplies. Since I use the product I picked up a few. Only, to be told I could buy as many as I wanted but I could only use 1 coupon? I didn't walk in there with coupons, I didn't print coupons and try and use them, these were coupons the Manufacturer put on the product!!! Seriously? So not Happy with Wally world!