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Anyone else notice a bunch of commercials about layaway this weekend?  I have hazy memories of my mom taking advantage of layaway when she was  "Santa's assistant" and wanted to get gifts early to help Santa out closer to the Christmas holiday. All those commercials got me thinking about how layaway will work for many people this holiday season.

With the people backing away from credit cards and paying cash for goods, many merchants have decided to bring back layaway programs. Customers will be able to get the items that they want and be able to pay it off within a timely fashion.  Stores will be able to offer products to customers who may not want to open another credit card or rack up any more debit.

Even though layaway may not help your credit, it certainly won't hurt it.  Unlike applying or opening a new credit card or maxing one out, layaway will not effect your credit score.  Here is a list of merchants that will be offering layaway this holiday season.

Please see each store for it's own set of rules and restrictions. Are there any stores I missed on the list for this holiday season's layaway stores?

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