5 Money Saving New Years Resolutions


With the start of the new year many people are trying to rid themselves negative behaviors. Last year I've cut down on eating out and quit smoking.  Both of those resolutions helped me live a healthier life style and save money!

I focused on 2 resolutions last year since quitting smoking wasn't an easy task. This year I decided to take on a few more.

  1. Loose Weight/Eat Less Junk. This is on many peoples' list for good reason. The closer you are to a healthy weight the better you feel.  Sometimes you can save on insurance premiums for being at a healthy weight. By eating less junk you'll be healthier, loose weight and save money.
  2. Walk More and Drive Less. The less you drive and more you walk reduces your carbon footprint and helps you with goal #1! Gotta love a "two for one" resolution. You'll also save money since gas isn't cheap!
  3. Cut Down on Disposables.  Over the next few days take stock of all the disposable products you have at home. Paper towels, plastic straws and paper napkins use many resources. By replacing them with reusable items you'll save money and reduce waste.
  4. Reuse More Things. Have old t-shirts? Make them into reusable bags. Have empty mason jars? You can use glass jars for many things such as storing dried goods, canning and much more. Have extra fabric from past projects? Why not try making your own place-mats. With a little creativity you can find many uses for the "stuff" cluttering up your house.
  5. Stop Buying Junk.  Easier said then done. I will try to purchase items when I need them rather than buying on a whim. Declutter your life and donate what you don't need (tax write off!), give things to friends who may need it or put that stuff on freecycle.  Don't toss whatever you don't use if it can be reused by yourself or someone else. By having less stuff there will be less stuff to take care of.
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