You know the motto, "one persons trash is another persons treasure" so why not see if you can find some  treasure on Freecycle!

The Freecycle network is a global nonprofit organization that focuses on "gifting" items that we do not use anymore.  Members are able to give away and receive free items in order to cut down on reusable goods sitting in landfills.  Plus who doesn't like free stuff? I love free stuff.

I'm always surprised to see what people are getting rid of. I slowly drive by people's curbs to see what's out there and always stop at yard sales.  I'm shameless about those things but some people are much shyer than I. With the FreeCycle network you don't have to feel weird picking up a desk off of someone's curb, the former owner knows your coming by to get it.  The concept is pretty basic, rather than throwing out a lamp, you offer it to someone in your area then you make arrangements to have it picked up.

Visit  Freecycle's website, enter in your city, pick the closet location to you then hit on the join this group link.  You can see what's available in your area or post some of your own goods you don't need any more.

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