13 Ways to Reuse Jeans

It's safe to say almost everyone has a few pairs of jeans.  Some of us may have a particular favorite pair for whatever reason. It's hard to part with a beloved pair of jeans even when they are beyond repair. Because of my sentimental pack rat ways and all the natural resources used to make jeans , I have sewed up a few pairs more times than I like to admit.

Before you toss those once beautiful pair of blue jeans in the trash make sure you try to give them a new life. Here are some ideas on how to re-birth those once fabulous jeans.

  1. Sandals - Not my highest quality shoes but these little slipper sandals are awesome. Since I'm not too crafty I do enjoy The Green Girls DIY video.  I'm not Martha and have made these with no issue.
  2. Quilts - Yes we did this with t-shirts but it can also be done with denim. eQuilters and Instructables has some great jean quilting ideas.
  3. Pot Holders - I have burnt myself many of times because I couldn't find a pot holder. Thank to this tutorial I now have enough around at all times. So when my oven is smoking because I forgot about whatever I was making I won't try to grab the pan with my sleeves or a random dish towel!
  4. Bags - Anything I can try to make into a bag I will. Threadbanger has a breakdown on how to make a bag. Great for young girls who wants a handbag but will ruin a new bag very quickly. Need a tote? Check out Needle Pointers jean tote instructions.
  5. Journal Cover - This journal cover is a fun craft to make for (or with) someone who keeps a diary or journal.
  6. Coffee Cozies - Another thing I love is coffee. Warm coffee at that.  Here is a good tutorial on how to make coffee cozies out of most materials.
  7. Skirts - The Green Girls did it for me again. Take those old jeans and make them into a miniskirt. Not a fab of showing off your legs? The ladies made a great video on how to make knee length skirts as well from your jeans!
  8. Picture Frames - Super cute for pictures of teens and kids. Here is an easy DIY picture frame tutorial.
  9. Lunch Bag - Want to have a back to school project to do with your kids? Check out this fun DIY lunch sack.
  10. Rice Pack - Similar to the t-shirt version, you can always make a rice pack out of jeans.
  11. Christmas Stockings - For those with fun Christmas decor try making your Christmas stockings out of jeans.
  12. Christmas Tree Ornament - Oh Christmas tree! This is a cute and inexpensive way to make a new ornament for your Christmas tree.
  13. Bulletin Board - Need help to stay organized? Try to make a bulletin board with your old jeans.

What are your favorite uses for an old pair of jeans?

Image thanks to Jerry On Life

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