11 Ways to Reuse Your Old T-Shirts

I have something to confess to all of you. I'm a bit of a pack rat especially when it comes to clothes or something with some type of sentimental value.  When it comes to clothes with sentimental value my pack rat tendencies are even worse.

There are several tees I have picked out of the donation bag because of my sentimental pack rat ways. Rather than hoping my husband doesn't see me picking though the bag again I decided I should reuse my beloved tee shirts. Here are a few of my favorite ways to reuse old t-shirts.

  1. Make a pillow. I made a few of these for friends and family that travel often. While my husband was in Afghanistan I made one of these for him out of my favorite tee he's seen me wear around the house for years. I sprayed a ton of my perfume all over it and sent over in one of his many care packages.  Rather than buying stuffing trying using the scraps from other shirts.
  2. How about a scarf? For those with scarf obsession or live in a cooler climate this maybe a fun idea to try. Cut Out and Keep has a super easy way to make a scarf out of 2 old t-shirts.
  3. Laptop case. Check out this how to take an old t-shirt and make it into a laptop case.
  4. Make a tote bag! My love Martha Stewart has a great instructional video on how to make a t-shirt bag.
  5. Don't want to part with your money every time you fancy a new purse? Make a new purse out of one of your old tees!
  6. Headbands! Check out Craft Snob's DIY fabulous flower headband or make a braided headband thanks to Ashley at Make it and Love it.
  7. Are you a bigger hoarder than I? You can take a bunch of t-shirts and make them into a quilt! The Quilt Bug has a great tutorial on how to make a t-shirt quilt. Check out these quick tips for quilters to help you get started.
  8. Not the crafty type? Cute Circuit has a great and super easy tutorial on how to turn an old tee into a skirt.
  9. Make a undies! You can never have too many pairs of underwear. Try Belle And Burger's tutorial to make your own knickers!
  10. Refurbish that old tee into a super cute new shirt thanks to Ruffles and Roses.
  11. Is crocheting up your alley? Even those with basic crochet knowledge can make a rag rug out of those old tees taking up space in your home.
Images thanks to NatalieMaynor

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  1. My sister pulled T-shirts down over the back of her "new" car seats with the headrest through the neck hole. It's easier to wash the T-shirts than shampoo the upholstery.

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