12 High End Beauty Knockoffs


If your a regular reader of this blog you know I have a slight addiction to high end cosmetics.  I have recently fallen off the budget beauty wagon.  Yes I know I'm bad.  Now that I have my eyes on a lovely pair of chestnut brown riding boots that will be a major splurge so I must avoid make up counters at all costs.

I've tracked down some great makeup dupes (or knock offs or whatever you want to call them) for your pleasure. If I stay on the bargain beauty wagon I may be able to add new coat to my wardrobe too.

  1. MAC "Naked Lunch" Eye Shadow - Try CoverGirl's  "Champagne" eye enhancers shadow.
  2. MAC Fluidline Cream Eye Liner - Try  Maybelline's gel liner. For half the price of MAC's liner it's definitely worth trying. I have yet to be disappointed.
  3. NARS "Orgasm" Blush - This is a fantastic blush that can work on so many skin tones. I no longer have to drop $26 on blush.  Milani "Luminous"  smooth finish blush costs $6. Um yeah I'm not a rocket scientist but that's a HUGE savings.
  4. MAC "Russian Red" Lipstick - When I have no idea how to do my makeup I put on some red lipstick and go. When you need to avoid MAC try Revlon "Really Red" matte lipstick.
  5. NARS "Chelsea Girls" Lip Lacquer - Hard Candy lip gloss in "Fresh". I have a bit of a NARS obsession, can you tell?
  6. MAC " Nymphette " Lipglass - Try Milani "Summer Baby" lip gloss.  Yeah put MAC on the "avoid" list.
  7. Urban Decay "Oilslick" EyeshadowCovergirl "Shimmering Onyx" eyeshadow.
  8. Urban Decay "Midnight Cowgirl" Eyeshadow - Prestige "Glisten" eyeshadow.
  9. Benefit Benetint - Origins "Pinch Your Cheeks.
  10. Moroccan Oil -  Thank the ever so lovely ladies at Sally's for recommending One 'n Only Argan oil treatment. $30 versus $10. Hmm which one would you buy?
  11. Chanel " Giggle " GlossimerNeutrogena "Chic" lip gloss.
  12. Laura Mercier "Cognac" Eyeshadow - Milani "Spice" eyeshadow.

Anyone have favorite "dupe" to share? Any secret makeup shopping trips you want to fess up to?

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