Cutting Back on Cosmetics


After reviewing my spending habits I became slightly sick when I realized what I've spent on cosmetics. It was obscene and I decided it must be stopped.  I have spent more money on high end beauty products then I wish to disclose.  After chatting up my frugal friends for recommendations and trying some of the products myself I will save a good chunk of change by going to the drug store then the mall. Here are some of my new favorites!


I've become hooked on Lash Blast from Cover Girl when I tried it a few months ago. It gives my barely there lashes a boost and the right amount of color without seeming fake or bothering my contact lenses.  I just want to say thank you Cover Girl for making lovely mascara that saves me $15 over my previous brand every time I run out.  If you're looking for serious length, try Telescopic from L'Oreal.  Head over to for some great prices on these products.

Shampoo & Conditioner

For those of us whom spend a small fortune on hair color a good shampoo and conditioner is crucial. Without proper care your hair becomes straw and the color fades fast.  I've been a fan of sulfate free hair products for about a year now but the price can be a bit much.  L' Oreal EverPure is my new favorite thanks to my stylist's recommendation.   I just picked up a bottle of shampoo and conditioner at Walgreens for $10 less a piece then my previous brand.


My combination skin hates most foundation so I was obviously scared to try a new brand.  I've had my face swell up, break out and dry out from several different brands of all different price points.  My new favorite is from Neutrogena. Their Healthy Skin liquid makeup gives me enough over all coverage, doesn't make my skin hate me and is over $20 cheaper than my splurge foundation.


Give me 2-in-1 beauty product one I'm happy. Give me a 2-in-1 that works well I'm ecstatic. Physicans Formula has a 2-in-1 bronzer/blush that is 100% cruelty free that gives my pale skin a natural glow.  Target always seems to have their selection of Physicians Formula well stocked.


This is a huge one for me. Without a good concealer I look like I have two black eyes. I didn't believe a friend when she told me but Maybelline's Cover Stick Corrector Concealer is amazing.  It's great for everyday use and works well covering both dark circles and blemishes.

I'm still on the hunt for an affordable lip gloss and eye liner, once I find those I'll let you know!

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