Should You Fly or Drive?

We are happy to announce a new addition to today - the Fly or Drive Calculator. The Fly or Drive Calculator compares time and cost of flying versus driving, and provides personalized calculations for any trip.

To estimate the cost and time needed to fly, the calculator automatically determines the nearest major airports, travel times to the airports, transit time at the airports, flying times, and costs associated with each part of the trip including air tickets, transit to the airport, and parking at the airport.

To estimate the cost and time needed to drive, the calculator’s trip routing algorithm uses databases of highway maps, driving speeds, automotive operating costs, and estimated overnight hotel costs.

Simply enter your starting address, destination and travel dates and the Fly or Drive Calculator will take care of the rest!

For example, if you are traveling from Boston to New York, just enter that information in the calculator and it will determine how long your trip will take by car and by plane along with the costs associated with each. This information will help you make an informed decision as to whether to fly or drive.  Bon voyage!

For more information, see the Fly or Drive Calculator FAQ.

Image courtesy of Pylon757.

1 thought on “Should You Fly or Drive?”

  1. This is useful!

    Most times I really prefer driving, it's great family bonding during the journey as we soak in the sights and scenery, and encourage plenty of conversation with the kids. We take wacky photos of ourselves during stops. and just laugh ourselves silly.

    I'd miss all that if we flew.

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