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Fly vs Drive Calculator™ FAQ

Why use it?

The Fly or Drive Calculator™ is a great way to help plan road trips and summer vacations. For any travel itinerary within the continental US, the calculator will provide useful estimates of time and cost of flying versus driving.

How does it work…Flying?

To estimate the cost and time needed to fly, the calculator automatically determines the nearest major airports, travel times to the airports, transit time at the airports, flying times, and costs associated with each part of the trip.

The calculator uses the shortest driving time to determine the nearest major airport from the starting address, and similarly for determining the nearest major airport to the destination.

To estimate flying time, the calculator uses’s proprietary algorithms and databases of airport location data and passenger jet performance.

How does it work…Driving?

To estimate the cost and time needed to drive, the calculator’s trip routing algorithm uses databases of highway maps, driving speeds, automotive operating costs, and an estimated overnight hotel cost of $75/night.

The calculator’s automotive operating cost data is from AAA. This data is an all in cost which includes fuel, maintenance and tires to give a true idea of the cost of driving.

The calculator’s driving time estimate uses travel times for the actual recommended route, and will incorporate over