Meet the Winner of our Limoges Jewelry Valentine's Day Contest

Marion won a tennis bracelet and matching earrings!

Marion Cuyler from Houma, LA entered the Limoges Jewelry Valentine's Day Contest in February on Facebook.  She was in shock when she found out she won a tennis bracelet and matching earrings set. 

Marion was especially happy because she has ordered from Limoges before and enjoys their quality products. Since she works in a warehouse driving forklifts and working on machines, wearing  pretty jewelry is reserved for special occasions because she can get dirty and greasy on the job.  Her fiancé will need to take her out somewhere special to show off her winnings. Enjoy a nice out, Marion, and check out our restaurant coupons before you leave for date night.

She shares this advice: enter as often as the contest allows to maximize your odds of winning. She points out that it doesn’t hurt to try and if you don’t enter, you can’t win.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Winner of our Limoges Jewelry Valentine's Day Contest”

  1. It's all true! I still have the box on my table and everyday I get home from work I take a peek at it and still can't believe it! It has renewed my faith that not all giveaways are rigged!

  2. Congrats Marion!! I am entering and trying to win from here, too!! Enjoy that night out, although I'd make it a weekend to really show off those jewels!!

  3. michaelsnice work, I go to craft store regulary and I'm doing smiliar work just like you but instead i'm covering the whole toe of the shoe with variety of colours.. I'm done with one pair but i gotta work on the other and besides the crystals being work i'm also going back to the history of what the shoes use to be for and that is basket ball so i'm planning to make them look like history edition converse sneakers.. But not only that i plan to put the legend's(chuck Taylor) face on it

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