Meet our May beauty prize pack winner!


Petula Wright won our Beauty Tips contest in May, scoring  a prize pack of great products from She entered on Facebook by sharing a tip.

Petula said, “It's always a thrill involved with winning something. I normally only enter contests where I or someone in my family needs the item so it doesn't seem so frivolous! It's a blessing to have won and it's totally fun!”

Winning came at the perfect time for her. She commented, “This prize in particular was beneficial because it included products I actually need and use. I had just run out of deodorant and my ‘special’ facial cream and, of course, feminine products are always welcomed!”

She shared that one of the things she has learned about winning is that it’s important to keep up with email. Check it on a regular basis so you do not miss out on a prize if you win!

Petula Wright is a writer, editor and journalist with 16 years experience and the blogger behind It’s a woman’s world. She's written for and contributed to several blogs, including as the first-time college mom. When she's not writing, she's mothering three children ages 8, 7 and 5 as well as embracing being mom to an adult daughter, 21.

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