The Daily Worth


Ladies, do you love Suze Orman? Do you ever feel that a lot of financial websites aren't geared towards your needs? If you answered yes to either of those questions then I have a new favorite site for you called the Daily Worth!

The Daily Worth is a site talking about finance for women.  These ladies give simple advice about money with attitude to help ladies control their finances.  Times are changing as we all know! Women are now becoming primary bread winners, managing the family finances and are having amazing careers.

Though women hold totally different roles then 20 years ago there are issue like wage inequality, debt management  and not saving for retirement.   No one will fix these problems besides you! If you need guidance on how to rid of student loan debt, start a business or  asking for a raise the ladies at the Daily Worth got you covered.  Budgets,  saving, investing and more are all covered here with a feminine feel.  Head on over for some help to find out what your worth!

Image thanks to Aresauburn

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