Standout Sites: Justice

justicelogoAnyone with a young daughter is likely to have heard of or shopped at a Limited Too. They're a retailer that specializes in fashion merchandise and accessories for "tween" girls aged 7 to 14.

Within the past year all 560 Limited Too stores have been re-branded as Justice. The new stores feature a more budget-conscious line of clothing for fashion-aware tweenage girls.

Justice stores first opened a few years ago selling merchandise similar to Limited Too, along with more basic offerings and at least 25% lower prices.

With the recent dramatic shift in the economy, parents have embraced the less expensive alternative, along with any other opportunity to stretch their dollars.

For the next two weeks you can save even more at Justice with a BeFrugal coupon for 40% off any order. So go check out the same designer tween brands as Limited Too at over half the cost!

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