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Think back to when you were a kid and how fast you grew out of your clothes. If your a parent you know how fast a child can grow out of all those new clothes you got for back to school. Kids grow up fast and those clothes don't last for very long.

thredUP's motto is "Clothes don't grow. Kids do."  At thredUp you can swap clothes with families across America for just $5. I know sounds too good to be true.  Here is how it works:

  • Browse available boxes and pick one you'd like to get.
  • Pay $5 plus shipping to have it sent to you.
  • Once you receive your box you are required to list a box of gently used clothes that no longer fit your child. Remember it is a swap! thredUP will ask you detail about the clothes such as type, amount, brands, sizes and season. There's no need to stock pile empty boxes since USPS will provide a box.
  • When someone picks your box, thredUP will notify you and ask you to send out your box. The recipient pays for shipping. You will be able to print the shipping label and can have it picked up so you don't have to make a trip to the Post Office. As soon as your box is being tracked by USPS your box status will changed it "shipped."

thredUP has a "specialty box" feature that helps flag costumes, sports gear, dance wear and more. Right now there is a costume swap just in time for Halloween! You can also find Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms with this feature. For every "Scout Box" sent or picked up thredUP will donate $1 to the Boy Scouts of America!

I know if a website like this was around while my brothers and I were growing up my mom would've loved it. Rather than driving to friends house to drop off clothes she could've posted it online and gotten some "new" clothes for us! Has anyone used thredUP before? Have you found any great deals?

6 thoughts on “Standout Site: thredUP”

  1. I've used ThredUp, too, and I got a great box stuffed full of clothes. I have yet to start sending boxes.

    BTW--I tried to send you a message through your "Contact Us" form and got a 404 error message.

  2. I have been using them for about 2 months. I have sent around 6 boxes and received the same. I have had really good boxes!!!

  3. I have been using thredUp for about a month and have received 4 boxes and sent 4 so far. I love it!! And my 2 yr old loves looking through the boxes with me when they arrive!

  4. @Rachel - Thanks for letting us know about the error message
    @Michelle - Thanks for telling me about Trading Cradles! I love to spread the word about any site that saves parents money!
    @Ashley and Jenni - It seems like you ladies are having really good luck with this site! I'm happy to hear that your getting great items for your kids!!

  5. I had tried thredup but didnt like it. I found another site that although has less members, is WAY easier to use. Very similar concept, but less cost (its only $13.95/box vs. thredup's nearly $16/box). I've posted a bunch of boxes on there - help 'em grow - the show pictures on the site of the items.

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