Standout Site: The Coupon Clippers


Want to save with coupons but don't have the time to organize and cut them yourself? This is were The Coupon Clippers come in to help you save.

The Coupon Clippers is a coupon clipping service that provides manufacturer's coupons and rebate form forms for a small fee. With the help of The Coupon Clippers can you easily save up to 30% off your weekly grocery bill. If your a lucky ducky that can double their coupons you can save up to 60% off your planned grocery list.

First you need to register with The Coupon Clippers. By doing this you'll be able to browse current coupons and deals available in your area. You can order the coupons you want by entering how many you'd like then hit the "add to cart" button. Your coupons will be added to your cart. When your ready to checkout hit the "checkout" button. Follow the directions on the page to finish checking out. Once you submit your order you will receive an confirmation email with your order number.

There is a forum on The Coupon Clippers where you can talk about saving money, local sales  or anything your little heart desires. The Coupon Clippers are dedicated to help everyone "saving together".

Have you used a service like The Coupon Clippers? What do you think about sites like these?

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