Standout Site: Swap A DVD & Paperback Swap



Have a tower of DVDs you don't watch anymore? Have some books just collecting dust?  Swap your unwanted DVDs and books with Swap a DVD and Paperback Swap.

Swap a DVD is a haven for movie lovers on a budget. Here you'll be able to swap DVDs with members across the country. Currently there are over 200 thousand DVDs that you can pick from at Swap a DVD.  Here's how it works:

  • Post original, playable DVDs to your "DVD Tower" to offer to fellow members.
  • Once you post your first 10 DVDs you'll receive 1 "gift" credit from Swap a DVD to get you started. You'll earn credits by sending DVDs to others. You may order 1 DVD per 1 credit. There are some DVDs that maybe worth more than 1 credit.
  • If your hunting for a DVD and can't find it add it to your "Wish List". Swap a DVD will email you when it is available.
  • When one of your DVDs is requested, you'll get an email. Swap a DVD will give you the address to send it out.
  • When the requester gets it you will earn 1 credit for the disc.  You will pay postage when you send out your DVDs but when you request a DVD you do not pay postage.

Paperback Swap is my type of swap. I'm a big reader and I have spent way too much money on buying books. Better a book then shoes I'll never wear or yet another lipstick I'll loose! Paperback Swap allows you to swap books with fellow readers across the country.  Currently there are over 4 MILLION available books. Here is the rundown on how Paperback Swap works:

  • Post 10 books in your "bookshelf" and receive 2 "startup" credits from Paperback Swap to get you started. You'll earn credits by sending out books to others.
  • You'll be able to order any book (paperback/hardcover) for 1 credit each. Audio books cost 2 credits each.
  • If your on the hunt for a specific book add it to your "wish list" and Paperback Swap will email you when it becomes available.
  • When a member requests a book you will receive an email with the address.
  • Like DVD Swap, when the requester receive the book you earn 1 credit (2 if its an audio book). You pay postage to send out books but when you request a book the sender ships it to you for free.

Both of these sites help you get rid of clutter in your room and help you save money. Rather than paying full price for a DVDs or books all you have to do is pay shipping. Swap a DVD and Paperback Swap live up to the tagline: "No risk. No spam. No advertising. No gimmicks. No gotchas. No kidding." Anyone use either of these sister sites? Any advice on how to find what you want on Swap a DVD or Paperback Swap?