Standout Site: Shareable


Remember your parents telling you it's nice to share as a kid? Well being an adult doesn't give you an excuse to not share.  If you need some inspiration on sharing head on over to Shareable.

Shareable is a nonprofit online magazine that promotes stories of sharing.  There are inspiring stories about the people, places and projects that are helping bring the shareable lifestyle to the masses.

Things like clothing swaps, potlucks, community gardens and babysitting coops help make life a little simpler. We are able to minimize some of the frustrating things in life and also are able to build relationships with others. By sharing things we are able to have a more fun, green and simple lifestyle.

Shareable believes that a world of people sharing will help us enjoy our daily lives while making our tomorrows better. People from all different walks of life working together to make a sharing based society are on Shareable right now. Have you shared today?

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