Standout Site: SargesList

vdaySargesList is a new virtual marketplace for military members and their families to buy and sell items to each other.  After going through the simple sign up process you can purchase and sell items. There is a messaging system on SargesList that allows you to safely contact other members without having to use your personal contact information.

Often referred to as Craigslist for the military,  you can find just about anything your little heart desires. There are parts to help you sell items like toys, cars, appliances and other unwanted items. One part that's awesome is you can pick between OCONUS and CONUS duty stations! This is helpful for those moving to duty stations across the world. You won't have to worry about hunting down transformers or specific volt appliances or worry about storing them when you head back to the states.

There are many cases where Craigslist is not available in military communities. SargesList hopes to fill that void for military members and their families. Even though the site is opened to the general public, SargesList is focused on helping the military community to buy and sell items. There are other great sections for employment, homes and services for families getting ready to move or adjusting to a new duty station. Anyone who has been through a PCS move can appreciate how helpful a site like this  can be.

SargesList is a great tool for military families who are on the move or have  too much stuff that has been hanging around the house through out the years. All of us collect things from different duty assignments that are never to be used again. Anyone know of other military friendly sites that can help you get rid of those pesky boxes that you have been hiding in the corner of your garage?

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