Standout Site: Peace.Love.Swap


Many parents enjoy the ease of swapping clothes and other items online. You get rid of items you don't need and sometimes you can find some great items that your family could use. Saving money and cutting down on waste are two great reasons to swap!

What about those who want to swap locally? Pricey postage, the boxes need to send items out, fuel burned while getting those boxes where they need can be expensive and not exactly green.  Local swaps are a great way to meet people and get rid of as many gentle used items you want.

This is were comes in. was founded by an  eco-conscious mother of 4 who wanted to help other's control consumption and still get goods that families need.  There's a growing list of swap events hosted by  If there are no swaps in your area why not host a swap near you?

Have you ever held your own swap? Ever attend a clothing swap? Anyone want to share their great swap finds?

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