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Kids grow up, and boy do they grow up fast. If you're a parent, this often means that your little one is constantly in the need of new clothes. If you want to stop the cycle of always purchasing brand new clothes that are going to be boxed up again in a few months to a year, then check out is an online community of people who, instead of buying new clothes for their kids, swap essential items with one another. OutGrowingIn works by having people put together clothes boxes and then post the items they have in the box. Once you find a box that has the items and sizes you need, all you have to do is pay for postage.

A basic membership is free, but if you're someone who wants to know a little more about the clothes you're selecting, you might want to opt for the $24.95/year membership. With the annual membership, shipping costs are slightly reduced, and you are allowed to know the the brands of the clothes you're receiving, you can see pictures of the items, and you can search by specific members.

Whatever membership you choose, is a great way to save some money and take part in a  community that promotes reusing items and exchanging them, instead of always buying new.

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