Standout Site: Flyer Side

Food is a major part of our daily lives. Not only does food provide nourishment but it also brings loved ones closer together.  Sometimes planning meals, pleasing your family's tastes and sticking to a budget can drive you crazy. Flyer Side would like to help you enjoy going to the market once again.

Flyer Side allows you to compare product prices at grocery stores in your area before you hop in your car to go shopping.  After typing in your zip code you'll be able to see the weekly deals in your area.  Each deal is rated on a five-star scale by unit price. Flyer Side compares an item like fish to other fish prices in the area to see how the prices are per pound.  5 stars being an excellent deal down to zero meaning you should wait for a better deal.

Another pretty nifty thing about Flyer Side is the recipes section.  You can look at recipes that use ingredients that are on sale in your area. This is great for those who are trying to keep to a tight food budget! This is also helpful for those moments you draw a blank while planning your menu.

Since Flyer Side is still a relatively new site not every zip code and supermarket will be listed. If your favorite store isn't listed then politely let the team at Flyer Side know! I think this is a great site and I know I'm not the only one who would use it.

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