Standout Site: BarterQuest


Are you interested in trading goods or services you have for something new? If you are, then BarterQuest is just the place you should check out. provides a place for people to post free barter, trade, and swap classified ads.

BarterQuest doesn't limit itself to goods like books, movies, electronics, appliances, etc. If you possess any type of desirable skill, you can also consider offering your services in exchange for something you want. You even have the option of swapping real estate on a temporary or permanent basis.

To make your search even easier, you can look through the goods, services, and real estate categories based on what people want and what people have. You can also narrow your search down even further by country, state, or city. uses a points system in order to facilitate equal exchanges of goods between users. Once you have created and verified your account, you purchase however many points you want.

Those points will remain active in your account until you need to use them. If you are swapping with another user, and your items are not an equal value, then the points will cover the remaining difference. You can also always opt to simply purchase a product for the full points value.

Individual internet based trading is becoming more and more popular, so if you are interested in saving some money and cutting back on waste by reusing products through trade, then be sure to check out

Do you have any experiences with internet based trading? Was it successful?

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