Must See Stores: NOVICA


NOVICA is an online retailer that provides a space for artists and artisans around the world to sell their work. NOVCIA strives to create a bridge between the consumer and the many artists living in our global community. On the site you'll find home decor items, jewelry and apparel, and other unique gifts such as masks, musical instruments, and sculptures.

One of the great things about NOVICA is that the company does not charge artists any fees for listing products on the site. All artists on NOVICA remain in control of their products, meaning they can higher or lower costs at any time, or remove items from the site. Because of this level of autonomy, the customer also has the chance to know exactly who made the product and where it is coming from.

I fell in love with so many amazing creations after looking at this site for only a short while. I'm very tempted to purchase a mask to add to my growing collection.

If you're thinking about purchasing something through NOVICA for the first time, we have some great coupons and deals that you want to be sure to check out first.

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