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BeFrugal's team enjoys trying the latest and greatest of everything - from a new computer mouse to new curling mascara - but we don't want to pay more than we have to!

This is a guest post from Amber, a budget-savvy blogger who is constantly reviewing products. You can connect with her on Twitter at @browsingb.


Hi, I’m Amber and I blog over at the Browsing Brunette. I started my blog to share about all the passions in my life. I’m a huge fashion lover but have found myself blogging a lot about beauty products lately.

Recently I’ve started a Bargain, Browse, Buy series. The premise is to share 3 similar products and I state which one is a bargain, which one you can likely just browse over, and the third is my recommendation to buy. The series started out of my love for beauty products. I’ve always shared my beauty finds with friends and family, so when I re-launched my blog this year, this series was a no-brainer.

Purchasing new products is something I try to limit myself in doing, but I may buy a new nail polish every six weeks or so. Most of the products I’ve covered in the series so far are products that I already have or have used in the past.

Recently I’ve been really getting into using drugstore brands and with that comes coupons! Most makeup companies put out coupons for new products as well as their tried-and-true classics.

High-end brands might not put out coupons, but they do often run sales and promotions. When I buy department store makeup, I try to look for incentives like free gifts. Also, if you are eyeing an expensive palette, wait until the end of the season; it usually gets marked down on a company’s website (and sometimes in stores), but you’ll need to act fast as they will sell out quickly!

Of course, I have tried some things that have left me less than enthusiastic, and you have two options: Return it or re-gift it. A great thing about drugstore makeup is that most places will let you return a beauty product even if it’s opened (for instance you buy the wrong foundation color) as long as you have a receipt. Department stores usually vary from makeup counter to makeup counter, so ALWAYS ask the return policy before purchasing. If I can’t return a product, I give it to a friend or family member so it doesn’t collect dust in my makeup bag.

A reason that I prefer department stores and beauty stores like ULTA, Sephora, etc. over drugstores is that you can almost always try product before you buy. Most makeup counters are more than happy to give you a sample at no charge. I got a sample of Bobbi Brown Foundation (which retails for around $46) from Saks that was such a generous amount that it lasted me a couple weeks!

If you want to try a whole new look, make an appointment. When I was in college, I would go get my makeup done at different makeup counters every few weeks to try new things. Some require that you purchase a product, so make sure you ask before booking your appointment.

My last tip: Do some research about makeup “dupes” (which are low cost products that are just about identical to their high counterparts). The internet is your best friend for this, as tons of people have already done this research for you!

Image thanks to Amber from The Browsing Brunette.


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