Interview with Dana Adams - Mrs. MoneySaver


Recently, the team at BeFrugal interviewed Dana Adams, aka Mrs. MoneySaver. Dana has been blogging since April 2008, but it wasn't until November of 2009 that she changed her blog to Mrs. MoneySaver. Mrs. MoneySaver offers readers the latest grocery and retail coupons, as well as some practical money saving strategies.

Dana started blogging as a way to help her and her family live more frugally. Fresh out of college, married, and with a newborn, she and her husband found themselves needing to stretch their budget. Dana uses her blog as a way to help herself and others save money and live simply.

To hear more about Dana's money saving tips and her busy life as a work-at-home mom, check out the full interview here.

And be sure to visit Dana's blog, Mrs. MoneySaver, to find daily coupon offers and money saving advice.

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