Get to know Molly, Wicked Cheap in Boston Blogger

BeFrugal's team is a penny pinchin' crew always looking to save a buck.  Our office is based in downtown Boston. We sought out tips from a like-minded individual in our area.

Meet Molly, a blogger in Boston who gets a deal as often as possible. It’s rare that she’ll buy something at full price.  To help you get to know Molly, we did a Q & A with her:


BeFrugal - How and why did you start your blog?

Molly -  I started my blog when I was unemployed in 2010.  It was summer, I was living in the city, and - when I wasn’t sending out my cover letter and resume - I suddenly had a whole lot of time to fill.  I had to get creative with how I amused myself because I didn’t have much money.

I’ve always had a knack for finding deals and fun things to do on the cheap, so I thought I would share that skill with others.  Writing the blog gave me a creative outlet and a reason to go adventuring.  Since then I’ve become employed, went back to school for massage therapy and taken on a part time job as a Massage Therapist, but I haven’t lost my desire to have fun without breaking the bank.

BeFrugal - Would you describe yourself as a couponer, frugalite, cheapskate, or something else?

Molly - I would describe myself as resourceful.  I like taking the extra time to find deals and plan inexpensive days out.  I get a lot of satisfaction out of saving money by finding opportunities or tools that are out there for everybody.  I think some of the negative connotations of being “cheap” don’t always apply to me; I’m fine with splurging now and then!


And here's the best part: Molly offers her best tips to help you save on large and small purchases plus day to day entertainment! Take it away, Molly.

"My biggest tip to others is to plan ahead.  If you have your heart set on a purchase, do the research.  Look for coupons, cash back opportunities, and deal sites on the internet before you spend any money.  Try to find out if the item will potentially go on sale and try your best to wait. This definitely goes for excursions too.  Daily deal sites are a great way to get tickets for fun day activities.

There’s SO MUCH to do in Boston for free or very little money! Something that a lot of people may not know about is the museum pass program at the Boston Public Library (and it’s branches).  You can reserve passes for nearly every museum in the city that will get you in for free or at a deep discount.  For a few museums, there are times each week when admission is free for Massachusetts residents - my personal favorite is the Harvard Museum of Natural History which is free on Sunday mornings.

Summer is definitely the best time to find cheap stuff to do - such as outdoor music events, walking tours, swan boat rides - but if you search online for free events in your city, you’ll find something all year long!"


Molly blogs at Wicked Cheap in Boston and you can connect with her on Twitter at @WickedCheap.

Image thanks to Molly from Wicked Cheap in Boston.

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