Get to know Brenda, DIY diva and blogger

At BeFrugal we like to be resourceful. We value time and money! Brenda is a blogger who enjoys decorating on a dime with DIY projects. We asked her to share some tips about how she saves money on all her projects.  She has some great tips for you below!


BeFrugal - Tell us about starting your Cozy Little House blog

Brenda - I began Cozy Little House in April of 2009. I like all things home and garden and I had previously had a garden blog, but wanted to branch out into home decor and crafts.

Be Frugal - How to you save money when buying your DIY needs?

Brenda - I buy supplies when they are on sale, and I try to supplement what the project may need with something else that is similar. Sometimes it ends up being even better that way! I love to make fairy gardens, indoor and out, so I am always on the lookout for items to fit in with my themes. Garage sales are great for this!

BeFrugal - What amount of money do you save by doing project DIY? 

Brenda - Quite a bit! You can see something in a catalog like Pottery Barn and make it much cheaper yourself.

BeFrugal - What do you do with an extra DIY supplies?

Brenda - Sometimes I give it to my best friend; she has an Etsy shop. I am also a good organizer, and I save things for when I might need them again.

BeFrugal - Talk to us about the value of the time spent on your DIY projects. 

Brenda - I am much happier with something I create versus something I can purchase. There is such a great feeling to look at something and think, "I not only made that; I designed and created it from nothing." Being a blogger, that is always another good blog post!

Image thanks to Brenda from Cozy Little House.


1 thought on “Get to know Brenda, DIY diva and blogger”

  1. Knowing Brenda for the time that I have, I've found her to be very creative and she has a marvelous green thumb. The fairy gardens that she has created are adorable.
    I have purchased several of her pillows that she designed and enjoy having them in my home for added color and coziness.
    Brenda has created a very cozy and colorful home for herself and her four legged kids.
    I don't have my own personal blog but enjoy reading Brenda's blog most everyday to get ideas concerning adding color to my home. I love to see the pictures of flowers, birds and animals that she posts on her blog also.

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