Winter Solstice: FREE Ways to Enjoy the Longest Night of the Year

Winter Solstice- FREE Ways to Enjoy the Longest Night of the Year (1)

Today is the Winter Solstice which means we will have the shortest day and longest night of the year. Here are some free activities to try for this special evening:

Museum: Many museums provide a free night for visitors while also giving you the opportunity to make a small donation. If this night happens to fall on today, this would be the perfect evening activity. Not only will you be able to go somewhere for free that is usually pricey, you will get to learn new things on the way. Check out this list of 20 Free Museums in the US.

Self-Guided City Tour: If you live in a city, try doing a self-guided tour. There are many resources you could use to find a list and map of your city’s most historical and unique attractions. Instead of paying for a tour, use these resources, grab a few friends and start exploring. Take a look at this list of Best Tourist Attraction in Every State to see places you can visit in your local area.

Volunteering: There are so many places you could visit to help those who are in need. The holiday season provides plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer your time, especially in places such as soup kitchens and shelters.

Holiday Lights: One of the most beautiful sights to see on a winter night are all the holiday lights. Fill up a few thermoses with hot chocolate and drive around your town to see all the Christmas trees on display as well as holiday light displays in front of homes. This activity makes for great pictures and memories.

Bowling: For those with children, bowling is a great indoor activity to do. There are some bowling alleys that offer free nights for kids. Find out if your local bowling alley provides this discount. Check here to see a full list of all the places kids bowl free in the country.

Movie Night: A great way to spend your night without leaving your house is to host a movie night. Have some friends bring over a few of your favorite movies and make some snacks for you all to enjoy.

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