Where To Get Free WiFi


Starbucks has finally come to it's senses and will be offering unlimited free Wi-Fi starting July 1st.  Of course this happens as soon as my doctor says I need to give up caffeine. Before this, you had to register a Starbucks card, maintain a certain account balance, use it regularly but only have it for two hours at a time.

For years people have been bringing their laptops to coffee houses and making it their office by borrowing free internet connections.  McDonald's and Panera Bread both offer free Wi-Fi to customers for sometime now. This move by Starbucks will attract more customers and possibly win back customers that have switched to McDonald's or Panera Bread.

Some other places to get free internet:

  • Your local library
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Borders
  • Communities centers
  • Colleges and universities

Wififreespot.com is a great site to help you find out more free internet spots.  Where's your favorite place to get free wi-fi?

Image thanks to isfullofcrap

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