Top 10 Ways to Save at Kohl’s

This is your expert guide to saving money when shopping at Kohl's.

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 1. Where to Find Online & Printable Coupons

Kohl’s coupons and sale events are abundant! Each week, Kohl's offers multiple online coupon codes and printable coupons, including special sales events. To find the latest online and printable coupons, check for Kohl's Coupons. Occasionally, you can find scratch off coupons by the cashiers for a quick discount before checking out. In the unfortunate event you forgot your coupons during a shopping trip to Kohl’s, tell the cashier - there is a high chance they’ll have a coupon you can use to apply to your purchase.

For in-store purchases, most Kohl’s stores will allow you to make multiple transactions in one shopping trip. If you have multiple coupons that are restricted to one transaction only, go through the cashier again to use your other coupons with those items.

Generally, print coupons or Kohl’s scratch offs come with a promo code for you to apply those discounts to your online orders. You can also combine a free shipping promo code with a % off promo code for ultimate savings online.

To receive exclusive Kohl’s coupons in the mail, tell your in-store cashier at checkout that you’d like to be added to the mailing list. You’ll also start to receive their weekly catalog - Or sign-up online to receive all these goodies in the mail.

In addition, Facebook and Twitter can be a useful online tool to find Kohl’s deals, coupons and promo codes. You don’t need a Facebook or Twitter accounts to view Kohl’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

2.     Open a Kohl’s Credit Card

Kohl’s store cardholders get special treatment! If you are an avid Kohl’s shopper, we recommend opening a Kohl’s charge account to save the absolute most every time you stop at Kohl’s. During Kohl’s frequent Bonus Buys Sale events, Kohl’s credit cardholders are the only customers eligible to receive an extra 30%, 20% or 15% off everything in the store! As cardholders, you’ll also receive exclusive discounts and coupons worth up to 30% off mailed directly to you.

If you are worried about the high interest rates, stop at the customer service desk after the cashier to pay off your recent purchase with cash.

3.        Grab Kohl’s Weekly Flyer

Grab your local Sunday newspaper to find Kohl’s weekly ad flyer! Occasionally, In Kohl’s newspaper weekly ads, you can find a $10 off coupon or scratch off coupons reaching up to 30% off. If you are a Kohl’s credit cardholders, you’ll automatically receive their weekly ads in the mail. You can also view their weekly ads online at – just click the today’s ad link in the top menu.

4.       Kohl’s Cash Events

Keep an eye out for Kohl’s Cash events! All customers can receive Kohl’s cash back, not just Kohl’s credit cardholders. During these events, you can earn $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent on in-store and online purchases. For online purchases, you’ll receive your Kohl’s cash coupon via email. Kohl’s cash coupons have specific dates to redeem – Make sure you look on your coupons for the appropriate dates to use your Kohl’s cash coupons. Unfortunately, you cannot use Kohl’s cash coupons to purchase gift cards or pay off your Kohl’s credit card balance.

5.       Earn Cash Back on Your Online Order

Earning cash back on all your orders is easy and free, plus you can stack this on top of promotional codes for extra savings! Sign up as a cash back member and you’ll receive 3% cash back on all your Kohl’s online purchases. 

6.        Ask for a Price Adjustment


If by chase you purchased an item that turned out to be cheaper a week later, you can ask Kohl’s for a price adjustment. They’ll basically treat it as a refund and give you cash back for the price difference – you must have your original receipt though. If your item was purchased online, you’ll need to contact customer service at 866-887-8884. If your item was purchased in-store, you can bring your item back to the customer service desk.

To make sure your item is eligible for a price adjustment, make sure you meet the following criteria: You bought the item originally at full price or on sale (Cannot be a clearance item); It was within 14 days after your original purchase date that the item was reduced from what you originally paid; And, lastly, you still have the receipt.


In addition, Kohl’s will also price match. If you find an ad for an item that is cheaper at another store, bring that ad into Kohl’s and they will match that price.

7.     Email Alerts

The easiest way to stay up-to-date with Kohl’s sales events is to receive alerts right into your inbox.  Kohl’s will notify you of upcoming sale and clearance events, plus exclusive free shipping offers and promo codes for online orders. As with many major retailers, Kohl’s offers an incentive to sign up for their emails. Within 10 days after signing up, you’ll receive coupons for $5 off your next in-store purchase and 10% off your next online purchase. (Tip: Make sure your Kohl’s emails aren’t being filtered to your spam folder – you don’t want to miss those deals!)

When you sign up for their email alerts, it is optional to input your address but if you do you’ll be put on their mailing list to receive Kohl’s scratch off’s and other coupons in the mail.

 8.  Special Discounts For Seniors Citizens

Every Wednesday, senior citizens can receive 15% off their purchase at Kohl’s! This offer is only eligible for in-store purchases and ages 62+. Kohl’s is also known to offer additional special days during the holiday season for seniors. Be sure to ask your local Kohl’s store for additional senior discount days. Unfortunately, senior discounts cannot be applied with any other discount offer including Kohl’s credit card sales events.  

9.  Discounted Kohl’s Gift Cards

You should never pay full price for Gift Cards! Either for gift ideas or just for yourself, you can purchase discounted gift cards for up to 25% off their retail value. The best places to find Kohl’s discounted gift cards would be to search or use a discounted gift card finder.

10.      Become a Kohl’s Employee


The most exciting reward to working in retail is the employee discount! Kohl’s employees receive a 15% discount on everything in the store. Employees can also stack on other discounts or coupons that are available to the public on top of their employee discount. 

Additional perks to working at Kohl’s include discounts to amusement parks, movie theaters, museums, sporting events and much more.  

A Few Other Things You Should Know

After all this shopping and saving, if in the unfortunate event you are unhappy with your recent Kohl’s purchase there are 3 options:

Call Customer Service

The first place to start addressing your concerns is directly with Kohl’s Customer Service – Either in-store or their online customer service center, where you can browse through their self service topics. If you need to speak to a representative, refer to their customer service contact us page for the appropriate department contact info.

Kohl’s Return Policy

Currently, Kohl’s return policy does not have a time limit on returns. If you bring your item and receipt or packing slip (from an online order) back to the store, they will give you a fill refund (minus shipping costs). If you’ve lost your receipt but still have the tags on your item, an associate at Kohl’s can look up your receipt by scanning the credit card you used to pay for your purchase. You can make 3 no-receipt returns per year.

Online orders can be returned to the store or shipped back to with your return form filled out (Found on your packing slip). Items purchased in-store can only be returned back to the store.

Reaching Out to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)


Kohl’s works extremely hard to provide their customers with the best shopping experience and friendly customer service. Kohl’s has been a BBB Accredited Business since 2001 with an A+ rating. In the unlikely event you would like to submit a complaint to the BBB seeking their mediation, you can visit their BBB Business Review page and click File a Complaint.


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