Time Get Your Christmas Money Ready


I know I sound like a crazy woman thinking about Christmas already.  It's difficult to see winter coats arriving in stores now and thinking about Christmas is even harder.

The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration but it's also a time when you can ruin your budget without thinking twice.  Santa checks his list twice to figure out whose naughty or nice. Be on Santa's nice list this year and start thinking about your Christmas budget now.

Mrs. Not Made of Money over at Not Made of Money is the one to blame for me thinking about Christmas already. Her article 7 Best Ways to Start Preparing Financially for Christmas Now gave the husband and I some inspiration on how to buy for our loved ones without eat mac and cheese for a month.

Do you have any holiday savings tips of your own? Do you have any advice on how to buy Christmas gifts for 2 nephews, 8 nieces, our parents and our siblings without going broke?

Image thanks to Susan E. Adams

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