The Frugal Way to Enjoy Fall

Frugal Fall

Summer is over and now it’s time to get ready for the fall weather. Preparing for the cooler temperatures can be bittersweet, but there are so many ways to celebrate the fall season that are fun and inexpensive – you’ll forget all about summer in no time.

Fall Activities:

One of the best parts of fall is the endless amount of fun activities for you and your family. Among these favorites is apple picking. Check out this list of apple picking orchards, which includes a list of all the different orchards in the US, Canada, and more. Now that the temperature is going down, it’s also a perfect time to enjoy other outdoor activities such as visiting a corn maze or trying a new hiking trail. When fall arrives, so does football season. If you enjoy the game, purchase NFL tickets at a discounted rate on top of cash back savings. For extra frugal fun, visit a local football game for free.

Fall Destinations:

From National Parks to busy cities, there are plenty of different places to visit this season. Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of all the different travel deals available right now. Check out this list of 10 affordable destinations for fall. Places like,, Choice Hotels and more offer you even more savings so you can enjoy your trip without breaking the bank.

Fall Clothing:

It’s time to turn in your swimsuits and flip flops and start buying warmer clothing for the cooler months. Shopping for a new season can be overwhelming and expensive, but there are a variety of stores that offer special deals to save you money while you stock up on new apparel. Check out stores like Gap, Target, and Old Navy for affordable clothing for the entire family.

In addition to these frugal tips, we have some special deals to help you start the fall the frugal way.