The Craziest Things you Don’t Know about your Favorite Fast Food Chains

National Fast Food Day

Today is National Fast Food Day and what better way to celebrate than to go to your favorite fast food place and grab a quick bite? There are thousands of fast food places around the country, but did you know that some of our national favorites have entirely different menus around the world? Check out some of these fast food facts from different countries:

  1. In Japan, Taco Bell sells shrimp and avocado burritos.
  2. Also, if you go to a McDonald’s in Japan you would be able to buy rice cheese balls.
  3. Unlike the usual cheeseburgers we have in the U.S., it is common for burgers in Italy to be seasoned with basil and topped with mozzarella and pesto sauce.
  4. Do you know what a Brekky Dog is? They are sold in Australia at Wendy’s and are breakfast-styled hotdogs with eggs, bacon, and cheese.
  5. In New Zealand, McDonald’s is called “Maccas”.
  6. In various Asian countries, you can purchase a McRice Burger. These burgers have pressed toasted rice as buns.
  7. Pork and seaweed donuts can be purchased at Dunkin Donuts in China.
  8. The Burger Kings in Hungary serve chili cheese nuggets.
  9. If you visit Indonesia, you can buy chicken fusilli. This pasta dish is made with chicken, cream sauce, and peppers.
  10. Bacon rolls are sandwiches served in the UK that have bacon topped with ketchup between two buns.

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