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It's about seven weeks until Black Friday and 11 weeks before Christmas.  Yes, I know those dates are going to come up fast but it's not too late to do your shopping and make the proper payments to have your items credit card free by the holidays.

Not too long ago layaway programs were meant for people who didn't have credit cards. No credit cards, I know, sounds weird doesn't it?  I'm 25, if I can remember my mom using layaway then it wasn't too far back in time.  Once credit cards became the norm layaway programs weren't needed.

As the economy started to sink some retailers brought back their layaway programs as a way to boost profits. While you make your holiday lists check out some of these major stores that offer layaway!

  • Toys "R" Us - Toys "R" us lets you use layaway for the toys your kids will be asking Santa for this season.  Using layaway will also help you hide the gifts from your kids.
  • Kmart - Kmart has a 8-12 week program that allows you to purchase most items in store or online. There is a $5 service fee and a 10% down payment required.
  • Burlington Coat Factory - Burlington Coat Factory offers a 60 day program for clothing and home goods and a 90 day program for baby items. You must stick to a payment program and pay a $5 service fee. If you cancel your layaway you have to pay a $10 fee.
  • Sears - Sears offers a 8 week program to you can make payments online and you can pick up in your choice of Sears layaway locations.
  • Best Buy - At select Best Buy locations you can use their 8 to 12 week program to purchase electronics with a 25% down payment. Buyers must stick to the payment schedule or the item can be returned to the store.
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  1. Hello my name is stacy a perry, president of 123 layaway corp. I would like to invite you all to take advantage of our service. For the christmas season. and all year round. We require 25.00 or 10% of the layaway which ever is greater. After the first payment is made we buy the product and store it in our warehouse until the last payment is made. Then ship it off to our customer. You can use any store as long as they have a return or exchange policy

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