Sell Back your Halloween Candy

Now that your done getting your trick or treat on there maybe way too much candy in your home. Don't get me wrong I love candy but I don't love a massive dentist bill or children running around on a 24/7 sugar high for the next 3 weeks. I hope those who have an excess amount of candy will start their charitable giving early this year and participate in a Halloween buy back program.

Halloween Buy Back donates the candy to U.S. troops and Smiles Change Lives donates to charity. Last year my elementary school aged nieces wanted to do the Halloween Buy Back for the troops since their uncle was in Afghanistan and wanted to "help people like Uncle Paul smile". Those 3 little ones put aside 15 lbs of candy they didn't want and we brought it my dentist who sent the candy to Operation Gratitude.

When you bring candy to a Smiles Change Lives (a non-profit that provides free dental care to children in need) orthodontist they will donate $1 per pound of candy you bring to Smiles Change Lives. Many orthodontists will give your child $1 for each pound of candy as well as free toothbrushes, floss and other little things to promote good dental care.

Please check out Halloween Buy Back and Smiles Change Lives to help others and help get rid of that candy!

Image thanks to jamalfanaian

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