Save Water and Money with a Rain Barrel


Stormwater runoff is non-filtered water that reaches bodies of water by flowing across surfaces such as roads, roofs and parking lots. Stormwater runoff is one of the leading types of residential pollution.

Rather than letting the roof water eventually become runoff water try making a rain barrel for future use. Rain barrels collect and store runoff rainwater from rooftops for later use. You can use this water later to use for gardening and lawn watering.

Rain barrels help conserve water and help lower household costs. During the peak summer months a rain barrel can save roughly 1,300 gallons of water! Rain barrels also cut down on pollution by reducing stormwater runoff that contains pollutants.

By using a rain barrel you can help save water and money.  Several of my family members have been using rain barrel water for their outdoor water needs for years now. For those of you living in mid-america take a look at the Mid-America Regional Council's water quality section for more information. If I already sold you on making your own rain barrel check out HGTV's easy do it yourself rain barrel instructions.

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