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When the seasons change many women's hair color does too.  Along with the desire for a new purse I also want to color my hair for a fresh look.  The price of going to the salon to color my hair makes me want to pull out my hair. A trip to the salon can easily blow anyone's budget.  Here  are a few tips to save on freshing your color this fall.


Highlighting your hair at home can be hard. I do not recommend doing this since it can turn ugly really fast. It's cheaper to have your highlights (or low lights) done at a salon than having to go to a salon for a corrective color.

You could try a beauty school to get your highlights done if you have the time.  Going to a beauty school is what I do but it is very time consuming since the teachers do check everything a student does.  You can also check online for 1st time customer specials at salons near you.

One Process Color

You can easily do all over color at home with the proper tools. There are a lot of great products out there that will run you anywhere from $10 to $30 rather than $40 to $50 plus tip at a salon. Remember to have hair clips to separate your hair into sections, petroleum jelly to rub around your hair line to avoid hair coloring dying your skin, a fine tooth comb to help divide your hair easily and a timer.  Be sure to use an old towel and wear an old t-shirt just in case if any dye transfers on there.

If you do it at home or get your hair colored at a salon remember to protect it and keep it vibrant. Use sulfate free shampoo or shampoo meant for color treated hair.  Avoid heat styling whenever possible so your hair doesn't look fried. Try using dry shampoo to keep hair looking fresh between blow outs.

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