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This past Sunday was not only Easter it was opening day at my beloved Fenway Park.  If it was not for receiving season tickets for our first wedding anniversary there is no way the hubby and I would be able to afford to make it to a Red Sox game more than once a year.

When you add up tickets, food, beer, and soda you can easily cry. Plus souvenirs and parking!  After all the costs a trip to a major league game can easily be more then you monthly car payment.  With that in mind, here are some tips that can help you save this baseball season.

Plan your food

Eating before the game sounds like a no brainer.  As soon as some of us smell the beer and hot dogs we make a b line right to the concession stand.  Go in with a full stomach so you'll be less likely to buy 4 hot dogs then shove them into your face in a matter of 15 minutes.  Some parks do allow you to bring in food or beverages so be sure to check when you buy tickets.

Do NOT buy souvenirs at the game

I repeat do NOT buy souvenirs at the game, no matter what sport it is. The biggest rip off at major league sporting events is souvenirs.  I know it's tempting to buy stuff especially if you bring kids with you. "Aunttiiieeee buy me this!" is a phrase I've heard many of time from my niece.  That's what many 6 year old kids do.  I'm the auntie who refuses to pay 40 bucks for a kid's shirt.  The little bugger and I went to the Sports Authority on our way to the game so she could pick out something without being rushed. We got a lot more for my money by planning ahead.

Take public transportation

Whenever I go to a game, whatever city I'm in, I find it a lot cheaper to drive close to the game, park and take public transportation the rest of the way. It may take a little more time to get there but you can save a ton of money. Plus I've noticed I do get home faster without having to deal with the rush of traffic leaving at the end of the night.

Check on your local minor league

Sure, you favorite team may not be playing but if you're a fan of watching baseball  going to a minor league game is a great option.  Getting together for a Paw Sox game is a yearly tradition for my husband and his brothers for many of reasons. The tickets are much more affordable, there are more days to choose from (since many major league games are sold out before the season starts), concessions are more affordable and you can see who maybe playing for your favorite major league team sometime soon.

If you're traveling this summer and want to see a game at a park your not familiar with take a look at Ballpark Savvy.  This site has great information on parking, seating, food and more for different major league ballparks throughout the country.

Image thanks to Matt McGee

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