National Sandwich Day: Unique Recipes for Every Sandwich Lover

National Sandwich Day

For everyone that loves sandwiches, tomorrow is National Sandwich Day and it is the perfect time to try some new recipes you may not have considered before. We put together a list of a bunch of fun and simple recipes that are perfect for everyone. Check out the recipes below.

Meat Lovers:

  • Doughnut Monte Cristo Sliders:  If you are a fan of both sweet and savory meals, this Doughnut Monte Cristo Slider recipe is just right for you. This sandwich puts a twist on the traditional ham and cheese sandwich by using nutmeg and doughnuts as buns.
  • Sloppy Bao Sandwich: If you love Sloppy Joes, try this Sloppy Bao recipe. Unlike the traditional Sloppy Joe, this sandwich is Asian-inspired, made with basil leaves, Thai curry and fish sauce.
  • Burrito Grilled Cheese:  Nothing is tastier than combining two favorites to create the perfect dish. For burrito lovers, take a look at this recipe for the Burrito Grilled Cheese Sandwich with asada steal, guacamole and Gouda cheese.


  • Grilled Portobello Sandwich:  Portobello mushrooms are great substitutes for meat. Made with marinated artichokes, red peppers and pesto sauce, this Grilled Portobello Sandwich is both filling and flavorful.
  • Santa Fe Falafel:  For those who like a little spice, you should try this Santa Fe Falafel recipe. This sandwich is made with pinto beans that are seasoned with chili powder, garlic, and a hint of lime. Not only is this sandwich tasty, it is also extremely healthy and low-fat.
  • Triple Decker Baked Italian Cheese Sandwich:  Grilled cheese is probably one of the most popular sandwiches to make, but this Triple-Decker Baked Italian Cheese Sandwich takes it to a whole new level. Topped with Fontina, Provolone, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses with tomato sauce, this is a tremendous alternative for Italian subs.


  • Barbeque Tofu Sandwich:If you love the taste of barbeque but don’t eat meat, give this Barbeque Tofu Sandwich a shot. This sandwich uses tofu, but both jackfruit and tempeh are good meatless options. This recipe uses chopped green chills and smoked paprika for extra flavor.
  • Mashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich:  Very similar to a tuna sandwich, Mashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich is very easy to make, especially of you have mashed chickpea leftovers. This recipe only has four ingredients and doesn’t require any cooking time.
  • The “ALT”:  If you’re in a rush, this “ALT” Sandwich (avocado, lettuce, and tomato) is fast and easy to make. Much like the chickpea sandwich, this meal requires zero cooking time and uses a bit of Dijon mustard for more flavor.

Now that you have all these great recipes, check out these deals below for more sandwich fun: