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Traveling, isn't it fun? You get out of town, maybe an excuse to go shopping, possible tan and have a good time.  What isn't fun is paying for tickets with more fees then college tuition, making sure you packed everything you need within the proper weight limits and security!

First you need to plan and budget out your trip.  The Independent Traveler has great cheap airfare tips to use when you're looking for your airline ticket.  I, like millions of others, enjoy hitting the internet to find the best deal.  Cheap Tickets, Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire and Orbitz are great websites to find the best prices airline, train tickets, hotels and car rentals.

Packing is not my strong suit. I think it's easy to say if you're going to Mexico don't bring your winter coat.  Pack for the weather and what you'll need for the amount of time you're gone.  I, like many others, need a little guidance for packing otherwise I'll dump my entire wardrobe and all my grooming products into a bag.  For some guidance, reference Vacation Lists as a helpful guide while you pack.

With the constant changes in security, take a few minutes of your time and look at the Transportation Security Administration website for rules on what you can and cannot bring with you. If you have questions contact your airline to double check to make your life easier.  With international travel the rules are different then domestic travel.  Check out these articles on international and domestic luggage allowances.

Even though a lot of parts of airline (and sometimes train) travel does become a pain just remember the security guards and airline attendants are just trying to do a job like the rest of us.  While planning you trip, take a moment to read this Washington Post article about your rights as an airline passenger.

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